Labor Day 2022, Local Edition

Making the Unfocial End of Summer Local

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10 Ways to Celebrate a Local Labor Day 2022

Labor Day 2022. Like the weekends of the past, it feels a bit final. Like summer have finally left the building.

Of course this isn’t exactly true. There are still 3 weeks left and not a single leaf has turned. There is still plenty of outdoor sunny fun to have.

Yet, we know the clock is ticking. After emerging from a difficult 3 summers, we have to make the most of Labor Day 2022 that we can. Fortunately, our local restaurants, teams, venues and parks are here to help.

Summer Love

Even as we look toward school and sports, marching bands and symphonic symposiums, plus all that fall generates, as we speed toward the end of the year, we should give summer it due. After all, on Labor Day 2022 we still have 12 hours and 53 minutes of daylight left.

So, with all that time in the sun, what are your plans? We recommend that you keep it local. Listed below are some of our recommendations

If summer has to end, let’s finish in style!

  1. Farmers Markets and Festivals: This is prime time Farmers’ Market season. Check out our list of Farmers Markets in the region to pick up the freshest locally grown ingredients for a farm to table end of summer celebration.
  2. Local Music: We have a great local music scene. Many of your local favorites will be playing this weekend. Check out our Playing Tonight calendar for more information
  3. We all Scream for Ice Cream: Although these local soft-serve places will be open long after Labor Day 2022, time and opportunity grow short. We recommend having ice cream during the Labor Day weekend…perhaps each day of the weekend. Nothing is more local than these iconic summer destinations.
  4. Grilling: The hot thing to do this summer was to fix up our yards and homes. With all that hard work behind us now is the time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labor (no pun intended). Sure, mega marts have meat and vegetables to grill but why not focus more locally. Check out great grilling options at markets like House of Meats (multiple locations across the city), Bellville Brother’s Meats in Bowling Green, Stanley’s Market (best kailbassa…ever), Zavotski’s, and The Fish Market (Erie, MI).
  5. Deli’s: We are blessed with some amazing local groceries. One of the greatest things about those local markets is their deli’s. Many of their deli products, like potato salad, coleslaw, baked beans, ham, or tuna salad, are made in house. These amazing salads have three advantages. First, you don’t have to heat up the house. Second, you can buy just enough for a meal and not worry about the potato salad “growing” (then eating said potato salad for a week). Finally, salads like this are work…and Labor Day is, ironically, about taking a day off. Check out the delis at Walt Churchill’s Markets, Sautter’s Market, Kazmaier’s, Sofo’s, and Food Town.
  6. Deli’s Again: Besides the wonderful Americana deli’s, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention two of the best Mediterranean delis in town. Both the Middle East Market and Tiger Bakery have breathtakingly good hummus, savory pastries, and salads to go. There is nothing wrong with having a grilled hot dog and tabouli on the side. In fact, let’s make that a new thing. 
  7. Speaking of hot dogs: If you don’t feel like cooking your own hotdogs, make sure to visit these local chili dog places. As mentioned before, this is Labor Day which is, in many respects, an exercise in avoiding work.
  8. Local Products: One of the best ways to support our local business community is by using local products. Those products include Rudy Hot Dog Sauce, Tony Packo’s products, anything from Dei Fratelli (try their salsa), Garlic Expressions, and Gertie’s BBQ Sauce, to name a few. Here is our extensive list of local products, including food, cars, gifts, and books.
  9. Metroparks Toledo: If Labor Day is the last hurrah of summer, then our Metroparks are sprawled across the region just waiting for one last adventure. Now more than ever these well kept public treasures provide respite from that feeling of being “locked down”. One of our favorites is the Botanical Gardens complete with its artisan village.
  10. Local Libations: The local wine and beer scene is both extensive and varied. Enjoying local libations is a great way of supporting these small businesses. Many have struggled with the gathering restrictions and curfews and, now more than ever, are counting on support to make it through the season. You can check out Majestic Oak Winery, Firelands, Knotty Vines, Gillig,  and Chateau Tebeau Winery. For brewers check out Wild Side, Earnest, Black Frog, Maumee Bay and Neon Groundhog.