About Right Size Life

Rightsizelife.com is an online magazine and community serving households in NW Ohio and SE Michigan. Rightsizelife.com is a locally focused and supported publication, striving to bring its readers information on events, shopping tips, lifestyle, regional culture, entertainment, festivals and local businesses. Our goal is to assist our readers in finding local businesses, goods, and services while highlighting the benefits of a locally focused lifestyle. Demographics:  The target reader area of Northwest Ohio (including greater Toledo) has approximately about 360,000 households.  Southeast Michigan (excluding Greater Detroit) has an additional 50,000 households making total local and regional reach of 410,000 households.

Editorial Concept:  Rightsizelife.com strives to remain banner and extraneous ad free. We are a subscription/local advertiser based model working to keep superfluous and non-readership specific advertising from the site. Our guiding principal is: 

Remain locally focused and locally supported. Rightsizelife.com uses local freelance writers, photographers, graphic artists, and designers. We do not generate content through “exposure” or “publication credit” schemes. In partnership with our subscribers and business sponsors content contributors will be compensated for their talent and contributions at a fair wage scale.

Primary Programs:  Rigthsizelife.com provides a minimum of one published article a week as a cover story. Articles include lifestyle, local interest and culture, local business profiles, cooking, and event highlights.  We also produce shopping features that highlight local business and services along with other “roundup” style articles that strive to keep our readership informed on our local and regional community.

Secondary Programs:  Rightsizelife.com provides calendars and point information on local events and businesses. This year’s examples include a full Restaurant Week guide (device friendly), a full Farmers’ Market Guide (device friendly), a full round up of regional festivals (device friendly and searchable by location, festival type, and date), and numerous special interest shopping guides targeted at key peak retail times (example: Valentine’s Day shopping article featured a fully hyperlinked guide to local candy stores and chocolatiers).

Directory and Job Board: Our directory service and job board are cost effective with no hidden, enhancement or “per click” costs. Our local directory is an affordable way to generate search engine recognized links to your site. Our job board provides a landing link for marketing an open position. Both use contact forms to reduce spam.

Event Calendars: Entering your event in our calendar system is free and as simple as filling out a contact form. Listings include as much information as you care to enter, including location (complete with generated map), description, event links, and picture or logo. Calendars are displayed on separate landing pages making it easy for our customers to use and find your event.

Ongoing and Future Features

Toledo Area Business Directory: A fully searchable, map ready, local business and service directory. This is a truly local directory with no national chains or corporate owned franchise contracts accepted. It is searchable from the front page of the site and service includes blind contact form to hidden email allowing customers to contact business without exposing the business to unwanted email spam

SOS {Shoppers on Site}: A twice monthly roundup of local markets providing services for those in smaller households. Markets are chosen by the creative staff and cast a wide net around the area. Markets include general markets along with specific focus markets (ethnic, health food, produce, meat, etc.). A couple of smaller national chains are occasional covered (Fresh Market and Fresh Thyme as examples) because of their household size friendly service and products. Specific or featured listings can be purchased weekly. SOS is not limited to just market shopping but is often theme based (Local Artists for the Holidays was a 2016 example).

TAFI (Toledo Area Festival Information):A mobile friendly listing of area festivals, from small church festivals to state fairs. Very basic listings are free (name and date) but additional information (map embeds, web links, exact times, schedule of events, etc.) can be purchased to enhance the listing. TAFI is searchable by key word and by festival type, along with date. Recurring events (Farmers Markets) are also included in the listing.

GlassCity Entertainment Online: The most complete on line entertainment calendar for our region with focus on local entertainers, community theater, and productions. Supported by social media including our popular Events of the Week.

Community Action Calendar: Our popular calendar that captures the rich and diverse events that dot the region. Listings include museum events, retail events, runs/walks, charitable events, business conferences and networking, plus a host of other activities that are of public interest.

Schools and University Calendar: The area’s nexus for sports and performance from High School football to university opera and marching band. No matter if you are a die hard alumnus or just a fan of all things local, our Schools and University Calendar will keep you up to date with the latest events!

GCGC (Glass City Generated Content): A paid section of professionally written articles allowing our retail sponsors to communicate directly with our readers in a meaningful way about their products, service, or business. Articles are usually 1000 words, written by skilled freelance writers, and run a minimum of 2 weeks on the magazine front page. Additional ads, events listings, or advertising can be purchased to run in conjunction with the article. GCGC receives full “feature” treatment including right of placement for the week and social media blitz.    

Website Hosting and Social Media

Rightsizelife.com is a fully hosted web based magazine utilizing the powerful WordPress engine. The domain name and rights are secured under the supervising publisher of Right Size Publishing, LTD. Rightsizelife.com has a broad scale social media presence including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Other social media vehicles are being integrated as they become more widely used. In addition, Rightsizelife.com has secured SSL certification, allowing the site to be listed as “https:/”, a rapidly growing requirement for local sites to have to integrate with organizations and other global service providers like Google maps and driving direction. This also gives the site additional search engine priority in many search engine algorithms.

Corporate Data

Rightsizelife.com is a Publication of Right Size Publishing, LTD
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