Football, Local Style, is Back!

Football. Nothing invokes fall in quite the way that football does. It spans that special place between summer and fall. It involves ridiculous food,...

Spring Has Sprung: Garden Season is Here

Most of us are ready to garden in January, However, here along the banks of Lake Erie, Spring always seems a bit delinquent. If...

A Survival Guide to Farmers Markets

Nothing is more local, more neighborly…in a word, more American, than a farmers’ market. These quaint outdoor markets have it all. Food trucks, crafts,...

Dips and Drips: Ice Cream Shops are Back!

Like the Walleye run, Mudhens Baseball, even the buzzards returning to Hinckley, the opening of ice cream shops is a sure sign of spring. And...

Taking Care of Each Other

Charity. It is a word that can and does evoke a broad range of emotions, many of them negative. That unfortunate truth masks the...

Local Specialty Gifts That Impress

Gift giving is supposed to be fun. Unfortunately, with Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays, much of our gift giving has become routinized list fulfillment. Shopping...

Local Gift and Shopping Guide 2021

Holiday shopping seems to run a spectrum from pedantic to sublime. We all love it. We all, when time become short, hate it. To be...

Local Grocery Stores and Market Guide 2021

Local Grocery Stores, Markets, and Specialty Stores Offer Great Shopping Experience for the Holidays.

We Dare You! Haunted Houses in Ohio & Michigan

Haunted houses in Ohio & Michigan are back! Find ghouls, ghosts, and other creatures of the night at one of the regions’ haunted attractions.

Ice Cream Shoppes: The Opening Act of Summer

Ice cream shoppes are open, marking the first great sign that summer is just around the corner. Here's our guide to all the local gems.

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