We Dare You! Haunted Houses in Ohio & Michigan

Our Area Guide to Haunted Houses in Ohio & Michigan

Entrance to Haunted Houses in Ohio

Haunted House Quote on NormalcyLet’s be brutally honest: we like being spooked. We like it in books, movies, TV shows, theater, themed dinners, and above all, we like it during Halloween. And the crown jewel on the head of the Zombie King is haunted houses in Ohio and Michigan.

Since 1802, public attractions that scare people have been a constant; even rising in popularity. At the dawn of the 19th century, Marie Tussaud (famous for her wax museum) first displayed famous decapitated people from the French Revolution (including the hapless Marie Antoinette). Dubbed “The Chamber of Horrors” the public has been flocking to scary attractions ever since.

Haunted House Evil-lution

Haunted houses in Ohio and Michigan are endless. Growing from simple beginnings, these destinations have become a mainstay of Halloween fun. Each house, now more accurately called “experiences” grew from simple beginnings in barns and basements to full-blown productions. Some embrace the evil-lution while others have tactfully held on to their basic roots.

In no small part, these staples of October are some of the best entertainment values around. And, they are worth driving to. Each production is unique and carefully crafted by enthusiastic performers that wait all year to get in costume and scare the bejeebers out of us.

There are lots of things to do in the fall and our calendar is chocked full of sedate activities. 

However, for the brave and the foolish, listed below is our exhaustive list of scares, dares and evil lairs. From the simple to the sublime, our area offers up some of the country’s best haunts, ghouls, zombies, vampires, monsters…basically the whole costume aisle of gruesome, gross, and gaudy.

So get prepared and take off to find your next scare. 

We dare you…

Best Haunted Houses in Ohio & Michigan

All Hallows Eve Terror Town

    • Phobiahauntedtrail 768x499

    Phobia Haunted Trail

    • derangedhaunt 768x499

    Deranged Haunted Attraction

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    Ghostly Manor

    • Terrorfiedforest 768x499

    Terrorfied Forest

    • rottenmanor 768x499

    Rotten Manor

    • pexels cottonbro 5435560

    Nightmare on Main St.

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    Purgatory Haunted House

    • jacksonsunderworld 768x499

    Jackson’s Underworld

    • field of fear 768x628

    Field of Fear

    • panicinthepines 768x499

    Panic in the Pines

    • thescreammachine 768x499

    The Scream Machine

    • lakeeriefearfest 768x499

    Lake Erie Fear Fest

    • fearforest 768x499

    Fear Forest Haunted House & Hayride

    • erebushauntedattraction 768x499

    Erebus Haunted Attraction

    • thehauntedhydro 768x499

    Haunted Hydro

    • Awankehauntedatttraction 768x499

    Awaken Haunted Attraction

    • 7 floors 768x615

    7 Floors of Hell

    • allhallowseveterrortown 768x499

    All Hallows’ Eve Terror Town

    • distractedhauntedhouse 768x499

    Distracted Haunted House

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    Fortress of Fear Scream Park

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    Zombie Woods Haunt

    • hammerbrothershauntedcircus 768x499

    Hammer Brother’s Haunted Circus

    • azrachamberofhorrors 768x499

    Azra Chamber of Horrors

    • hauntedcastleandblackforest 768x499

    Haunted Castle Black Forest

    • darksydeacres 768x549

    DarkSyde Acres

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    Haunted Farm of Terror

    • ghostlygrove 768x499

    Ghostly Grove

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    Woods of Darkness

    • chainersfieldofscreams 768x499

    Chainer’s Field of Screams

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    House of Damnation

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    Haunted Town Hall

    • factoryofterror 768x499

    Factory of Terror

    • hushhauntedattraction 768x499

    Hush Haunted Attraction

    • screamacres 768x499

    Scream Acres

Entrance to Haunted Houses in Ohio