Sponsorship Opportunities & Ad Rates

Our goal at RSL is to bring our readers positive, interesting, and useful information about our community via articles, calendars, job boards, and business locators. All while helping our local community and businesses thrive. This goal extends to those who we partner with to produce and support our publication. Our commitment is to work with our supporting partners to promote their business or event while engendering the same positive responses to their promotion that we get from our content. Our rates our subject to negotiation and change depending circumstance.

Directory Listing (Per Location) FREE, $10/mo, OR $25/mo Sign Up Here!
Event Promotion $150 2 weeks, includes social shoutouts.
Sidebar Ad $300/mo
Events of the Week (exclusive) $200/mo
Individual Main Calendar Sponsor $1,000/mo
Site Slider Sponsor (Exclusive) $1,000/mo
Site Sponsor $2,500/mo
Feature Article (800 – 1000 Words) $400 Includes home page feature for 1 month!
(1) Multi week/month discounts and exclusivity may be negotiated
(2) Can be prorated for mid-season sponsorship
(3) Feature articles run on the main page of RSL for 2 weeks then randomly rotate on the front page indefinitely

For More Information Please Contact Us
(419) 250-2212