Spring Has Sprung: Garden Season is Here

Local Nuseries and Garden Shops Help You Spring into Action

Local Garden Centers and Nurseries

Most of us are ready to garden in January, However, here along the banks of Lake Erie, Spring always seems a bit delinquent. If one believes the axial tilt of the earth, Spring starts on March 21st. The temperature and weather tell a different story.

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, our neck of the woods won’t be free and clear of frost until April 27th. Regardless, our desire to for spring has nothing to do with frost.

We want to get out, shed our coats, and plant some seeds. In a word, garden. Or, more succinctly, want to play in the dirt.

In Spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.

Margret Atwood

More Than Ready

Gardening with FlowersBy late April, most of us are more than ready to do some digging. We want flowers, blooms and produce…we want it all. From our pets scampering around the house to our kids ready to break our the shorts and swim suits, Spring is a time of both anticipation and impatience.

However, gardening isn’t just about sticking seeds in the dirt. There is planning and plotting, prepping and praying.

Even if the weather doesn’t cooperate there is good news. Our local nurseries and garden stores are full of excellent advise and options. They get the anticipation. They know the fever of spring. And if asked, they will help get you ready for the big planting AND steer you clear of potential frost disasters.

Simple Rules to Garden Success

In general, when planting mania hits us we tend to go a little bit crazy. That is, of course, the beauty of spring. Unfortunately, it can also lead to disappointments. However, if you follow a few simple rules of the road, whether planting flowers, vegetables, trees and even houseplant, success is easily obtained.

  1. Plants grow. Leave plenty of room and don’t over crowd. This is especially true of trees and shrubbery. Ask you garden professional about spacing.
  2. Follow the light. Make sure you have the right light for what you are planting. Most plants and trees are labeled with this information. When in doubt, ask your garden proffesional.
  3. Curb Your Enthusiasm. This is particularly true if you are just starting out. Plants require maintenance, including weeding. Think about your time and don’t over plant. The goal is to enjoy gardening, not turn your outdoors into a gulag.
  4. Timing is Everything. For both vegetables and ornamentals, we have a long going season. Have you local nursery help you select plants (and vegetables) that will mature at staggered times.
  5. ASK QUESTIONS. Gardening is one of the most ubiquitous hobbies in the country. There is no reason to guess or get frustrated. Again, start with the local nursery where you are buying the plants and go from there. Also, it is a good time to reconnect with your neighbors. Ask there advise as well.

Local Nurseries and Garden Centers

Below we’ve listed a large number of our local nurseries and garden stores that are ready to assist you this season. From beginners to the greenest of thumbs, even commercial gardening, these local businesses can help get you started in the spring and keep you gardening throughout the season.

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    • Schmittuz Gardens 768x499

    Schmittuz Gardens

    • Local Member Directory

    Dennis Topsoil & Gardenland

    • Knitz Greenhouse 768x499

    Knitz Greenhouse

    • Black Diamond 1 768x499

    Black Diamond

    • Corsos Flower Garden Center 768x499

    Corso’s Flower & Garden Center

    • Whiteford Road Greenhouse 768x499

    Whiteford Road Greenhouse

    • Local Member Directory

    Lakewood Greenhouse, Inc.

    • Hecklinger Greenhouse Inc. 768x499

    Hecklinger Greenhouse Inc.

    • Local Member Directory

    Berkey Farm Center

    • Garden Smiles 768x499

    Garden Smiles

    • Local Member Directory

    Brodbeck Greenhouse

    • Riehm Farms 768x499

    Riehm Farms

    • Local Member Directory

    Nature’s Corner

    • Wardells Garden Center 768x499

    Wardell’s Garden Center

    • Local Member Directory

    Hoen’s Garden Center & Landscaping

    • Toledo Indoor Garden

    Toledo Indoor Garden

    • Grayhawk Greenhouse Supply 768x499

    Grayhawk Greenhouse Supply

    • Zemnicki Farms 768x499

    Zemnicki Farms

    • Whitehouse Specialty Crops 768x499

    Whitehouse Specialty Crops

    • Fitkins Greenhouse 768x499

    Fitkins Greenhouse

    • Plants Plus Nursery 768x499

    Plants Plus Nursery

    • Bostdorffs 768x499


    • North Branch Nursery 768x499

    North Branch Nursery

    • Miller Landscape Gardens 768x499

    Miller Landscape & Gardens

    • Lochs Greenhouse 768x499

    Loch’s Greenhouse

    • Cultivation Innovations 768x499

    Cultivation Innovations

    • Creques Greenhouse 768x499

    Creque’s Greenhouse

    • Titgemeiers Feed and Garden 768x499

    Titgemeier’s Feed and Garden

    • Lakewood Flower Market 768x499

    Lakewood Flower Market

    • Black Diamond 768x499

    Black Diamond