Memorial Day Events 2022

Celebrate Memorial Day 2022 with these amazing local events!

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Memorial Day events are the de facto start of summer. And why not? A long weekend, generally (or hopefully) warmer weather, schools letting out. Next stop: vacation and lazy days are ahead.

No matter if you are grade school age and ready for no homework or well retired and just ready for a break, summer is where everyone breathes a sigh of relief.

Memorial Day Brings in The Summer

Besides a Great Lake, which in itself is a destination, our area has great food, fairs, festivals, and farms (which lead to farmers markets of course). The region is a top producer of berries, honey, sweet corn, asparagus (at least in Michigan), tomatoes, and a whole host of meat products including two of the best sausages around, Packo’s and Stanley’s.

Then there are the returns: corn dogs, funnel cakes, street tacos, fish tacos, soft serve, malts, floats, and Italian sodas. Summer may not be endless, but the things to enjoy are.

America is hope. It is compassion. It is excellence. It is valor.

Paul Tsongas

Top Local Memorial Day Events for 2022

With summertime commencing, we would be remiss if we didn’t pick a few local favorites to get your weekend started with some great local Memorial Day events. What follows isn’t an exhaustive list, of course. However, it is a wonderful place to start.

Our local merchants, markets, and venues pull out all the stops for summer. It is time to get out and pay them a visit!

  1. Inside the Five 4th Anniversary: Food trucks, music, craft brew all in a parking lot. What can be more summer? Inside the Five celebrates a birthday and invites the rest of us to the party.
  2. Walt Churchill’s Market Smokehouse: WCM remains one of the region’s best love grocers. Their smokehouse has risen to be one of the region’s best. The sheer variety of things to put on the grill distinguishes them. However, check out their smokehouse snacks for a picnic as well.
  3. The Toledo Mudhens: In town each day except Monday
  4. Toledo Farmers Market Flower Weekend: One of the best and most beautiful weekends of year at the market. Open Saturday plus Sunday and Monday. 
  5. Centennial Terrace Back to Back Concerts: Brett Young Friday, The Guess Who on Saturday. Two great outdoor concerts.
  6. Port Clinton Walleye Festival: Fishing, food trucks, open air market and more. A fun way to celebrate the weekend
  7. Detroit Tigers Vs Cleveland Guardians (at Detroit): No need to pick favorites. Cleveland will be playing at Detroit through Sunday. Regional (and national baseball) at its best.
  8. Local Ice Cream Shops: Simple, local, delicious. Soft Serve is the best.
  9. Memorial Day Parades: Several towns honor our fallen heroes on Monday. Check out our community in action calendar for the complete list.

Calendar of Local Memorial Day Events 2022

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