Ice Cream Shoppes: The Opening Act of Summer

Local Ice Cream Shoppes Serve up Summer Treats


Ice Cream Shoppes are in Season!

Last year was a good year for ice cream shoppes. If you felt, like so many of us did, that 2020 was a basic loss, at least there was ice cream. Ice cream comforts, ice cream lifts, ice cream solves your immediate problems, one delicious lick at a time. Even better, ice cream places were safe. Given most have outdoor seating areas, it gave us a place to venture to without being exposed to the risks 2020 had to offer.

We love ice cream and we’re sure you do too! So we did the hard but delicious work and scoured the local area. Below is our complete list of all the great local ice cream shoppes where you can indulge in your favorite treat.

Not to like ice cream is to show oneself uninterested in food. -Joseph Epstei

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A Very Good Year

According to, last year ice cream sales reached around 6.5 billion dollars, a full 8 percent increase over 2019.

And why not? Most of us were locked down, not traveling, and looking for any experience we could to get us into summer. Going to our local soft-serve place was not only a trip out, it was a trip outside. It lifted our spirits while allowing us to social distance.

In short, just what the epidemiologist ordered.

Local Ice Cream Shoppes with a Twist

Perhaps the greatest thing about ice cream shoppes is that they are, by definition, hyper-local. Although there are few national chains (like Dairy Queen, Sonic, and A&W), most of our neighborhood ice cream places are like indigenous friends that spring open about the same time that daisies and tulips bloom

Nothing is more local than an ice cream shoppe. We all have our favorite and most of us cling tightly to our loyalties.

Unless, of course, we aren’t in the neighborhood. Then we will pull over at any local ice cream joint like a desert caravan at an oasis. Sure we are loyal, but when one is driving you take what is offered.

Lines are the Sign

If you have checked lately, your local soft-serve place probably already has lines, and they aren’t short. Some of those lines are due to impatience; we have been cooped up long enough. Some of it is hope; summer is coming. Some of it is hours; many of the places on our map have limited spring hours.

Mostly, however, lines are long because of need. It has been a long, dry, Covid dominated winter. However, seasons change. The ice cream shoppes are open and we need them!

See you around town for a shake, malt, sundae, or dip cone soon.

Our Guide to Local Ice Cream Shoppes

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    The Sundae Station

    • Local Member Directory

    Jolly Dipper

    • Local Member Directory

    Genoa Big Dipper

    • Local Member Directory

    Timbo’s Cones and Coneys

    • Local Member Directory

    Brown’s Dairy Dock

    • Local Member Directory

    Twisty Treat

    • 3rd Street Scoops 768x427

    3rd Street Scoops

    • Local Member Directory

    Generals Ice Cream

    • Local Member Directory

    Toozer’s Time Out

    • Dairy King 768x499

    Dairy King

    • Local Member Directory

    Mr. Freeze

    • Local Member Directory

    Spad’s Twisters

    • Sweet Retreat 768x499

    Sweet Retreat

    • Local Member Directory

    O-Deer Diner

    • Local Member Directory

    Fritzie Freeze

    • Village Ice Cream Cafe 768x499

    Village Ice Cream & Cafe

    • Scoops Soft Serve 768x499

    Scoop’s Soft Serve

    • Nettys 1 768x499


    • Jockos Ice Cream 768x432

    Jockos Ice Cream

    • Local Member Directory

    Jacky’s Depot

    • Michigan Creamery 768x499

    Michigan Creamery

    • Local Member Directory

    Penguin Palace

    • Local Member Directory

    Pee Wee’s Dari Snak

    • Local Member Directory

    Pa Jollys

    • Dairy Dan 768x499

    Dairy Dan

    • Local Member Directory

    Treat Street

    • Spads Twisters 768x499

    Spad’s Twisters

    • Local Member Directory

    BG’s Frosty Fare

    • The Daily Scoop 768x499

    The Daily Scoop

    • Local Member Directory

    I Scream Sprinkles

    • Local Member Directory

    Mr. Twister

    • Rays Ice Cream 768x499

    Ray’s Ice Cream

    • Cascades Ice Cream 1 768x433

    Cascades Ice Cream

    • Shermans Dairy Bar 768x499

    Sherman’s Dairy Bar

    • Local Member Directory

    Mr G’s Barn

    • Washtenaw Dairy 768x499

    Washtenaw Dairy

    • Freeze Daddys Monclova

    Freeze Daddy’s

    • Local Member Directory

    Scoop’s Soft Serve

    • Local Member Directory

    Cobb’s Drive-Inn

    • Local Member Directory

    S & J Shiver Shack

    • Clarks Ice Cream 768x499

    Clark’s Ice Cream

    • Local Member Directory

    Lickity Split

    • Nettys 768x499


    • Nettys 2 768x499


    • Local Member Directory

    Krave Food and Ice Cream

    • Local Member Directory

    Deb’s Soft Kreme

    • Local Member Directory

    Shivers Ice Cream

    • Dairy Go Round 768x499