Local Grocery Stores and Market Guide 2021

Local Grocery Stores, Markets, and Specialty Stores Offer Great Shopping Experience for the Holidays.

Local Grocery Stores Shopping Trip

There seem to be two distinct schools of thought when shopping for food. The first is necessity. Basically, I am out of milk and HAVE to go to the store.

The second is fun, as in “What are we going to eat this week?” Or, “What do you mean we are out of olives? Can we get cookies too?”

For most of us, shopping is a bit of both. However, when shopping local grocery stores it should be, and generally is more fun.

Want to Jump Ahead to Our Local List?

Shopping Should Be Fun!

Shopping for groceries should always be fun. Necessity and time notwithstanding, mega marts and online shopping have turned our routine needs into a chore. They are always crowded and shopping online can be complicated. For me, it has as much charm as doing my taxes. And don’t even get me started on delivery charges.

Shopping has become particularly acute in our post-pandemic world. There is frenetic energy in mega marts that dampen even the most enthusiastic shopper. Add to that the long lines, the sheer size, the crowded parking lots, and the general noise and mega-mart shopping is low on anyone’s priority list.

Fortunately, our region is blessed with an extensive group of independent local grocery stores, markets, bakers, butchers, and specialty shops. We live in a great community and our groceries and markets reflect that strength.

Featuring Our Local Grocery Stores and Markets

Every year we at RightSizeLife.com compile a list of our amazing local grocery stores and markets. And thanks to our rapidly expanding business directory, we have more markets than ever to explore.

So why fight the mega-mart? Why order online and face an uncertain delivery date? Now is the perfect time to get out and explore our local food and beverage culture. No matter if you are doing some basic shopping or looking for baskets, wines, craft beers, or other gifts, our local markets are here to make your season joyful, gracious, tasty, and above all, more FUN!

See you at the market!

Checkout at a local grocery store

Groceries, Markets, and Delis

Local grocery stores are stealth gift shops. Sure, they provide great meals, baked goods, deli products, and many even have respectable beer and wine selections. However, standing proud on their shelves are many locally sourced products, specialty food items, even proprietary products like seasoning packs, spaghetti sauces, coffees, and other gift-able items.

And don’t forget gift certificates. Nothing can be more personal than giving a gift card to a busy person who, when faced with the daunting pass through a mega-mart, will welcome the ability to blitz a smaller local owned store.

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    • Buschs Fresh Food Market 768x499

    Busch’s Fresh Food Market

    • ciolino 768x252

    Ciolino Fruit & Vegetable Market

    • Homestead Bulk Food 768x499

    Homestead Bulk Food

    • Stimmels 768x487

    Stimmels Market

    • Screen Shot 2021 11 16 at 5.30.47 AM

    City Market

    • Monnettes Market 2 768x487

    Monnettes’ Market

    • walt churchills logo 768x487

    Walt Churchill’s Market

    • Sautters 768x487

    Sautter’s Market

    • Heritage IGA 768x379

    Heritage IGA

    • Ypsilanti Food Coop 768x487

    Ypsilanti Food Co-op

    • Market on the Green 768x487

    Market on the Green

    • Kazmaiers 768x487


    • By the Pound 768x237

    By the Pound

    • Walt Churchills Market 768x499

    Walt Churchill’s Market

    • Local Member Directory

    Johnny Pomodoros Fresh Market

    • borchardt market 768x202

    Borchardt Brothers Market

    • Local Member Directory

    Seaway Marketplace

    • Ann Arbor Farm Market 768x455

    Arbor Farms Market

    • Stanleys Market 768x499

    Stanley’s Market

    • Screen Shot 2021 11 16 at 9.42.50 AM 768x309

    Kirwen’s Super Market

    • Hudson Market House 768x353

    Hudson Market House

    • Screen Shot 2021 11 16 at 9.18.34 AM 768x208

    Millers New Market

    • Monnettes secor 768x487

    Monnettes’ Market

    • Sautters 1 768x487


    • Hi Lite Fresh Market 768x499

    Hi-Lite Fresh Market

    • Toledo Food Market 768x499

    Toledo Food Market

    • Frobose IGA 768x406

    Frobose Market IGA

    • Bulkfoods.com 768x487


    • Foodtown 768x487


    • Gerths 768x487

    Gerth’s Beef & Deli

    • Broadway Food Center 768x499

    Broadway Food Center

    • concessis 768x216


    • Phoenix Earth Food Co op 768x499

    Phoenix Earth Food Co-op

    • produce

    Jack’s Superette

    • borchardt market 1 768x202

    Borchardt Market

    • Garden Harvest 768x487

    Garden Harvest Marketplace & Deli

    • Dannys Fine Foods 768x499

    Danny’s Fine Foods

Butchers, Meat Markets, and Fish Mongers

Make no mistake, we have a lot of butchers and even two fishmongers. For a region of our size, this isn’t just unusual, it is something to be proud of.

Mega marts are making a slow march to everything pre-packaged. From an expense point of view, it makes sense. However, from a shopper’s point of view, this is about as appealing as…well… day-old fish. Local grocery stores to the rescue!

Explore our butchers and fishmongers. You will be thrilled with their service. And while you’re there, ask questions! The best thing about going to a meat market is getting advice!

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    • House of Meats 2 768x487

    House of Meats

    • House of Meats 4 768x487

    House of Meats

    • Zavotski 768x487

    Zavotski Custom Meats & Deli

    • House of Meats 3 768x487

    House of Meats

    • Belleville 768x487

    Belleville Market

    • Local Member Directory

    Rohr Fish Inc

    • frobose meat locer 768x404

    Frobose Meat Locker

    • House of Meats 1 768x487

    Lee Williams House of Meats

    • House of Meats 5 768x487

    House of Meats

    • Erie Fish Market 768x487

    Fish Market

    • Milos Meat Market 768x487

    Milo’s Food Market Inc

Bakeries and Donuts

Many of us feel that baked goods are an indulgence. After all, amazing bread, cakes, cookies, pies, cupcakes…and donuts aren’t on any diet that we could find.

However, most diets today encourage you to be good to yourself. And to do that, don’t settle for thawed donuts or mass-produced bread. Our local grocery stores and bakers are, in a word, fabulous. They are worth every calorie.

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    • Local Member Directory

    Country Grains Bread Company

    • Holey Toledough 768x499

    Holey Toledough

    • Local Member Directory

    Papa Moose’s Donuts

    • Estons Bakery 768x499

    Eston’s Bakery

    • Bakery Unlimited 768x499

    Bakery Unlimited

    • Local Member Directory

    Mama C’s

    • Local Member Directory

    Cafe Donuts

    • Local Member Directory

    The Goodie Bar

    • Local Member Directory

    Bakers Kitchen by Thrush’s

    • Local Member Directory

    7 Little Cupcakes

    • Local Member Directory

    Brieschke’s Bakery

    • Local Member Directory

    Don’s Donut Shoppe

    • The Next Sweet Thing 768x499

    The Next Sweet Thing

    • Local Member Directory

    Organic Bliss Market

    • Local Member Directory

    Wixey Bakery

    • Local Member Directory

    Stimmel’s Market

    • The Cookie Jar 768x499

    The Cookie Jar

    • The Cookie Lady 1 768x487

    The Cookie Lady

    • The Cookie Lady 768x487

    The Cookie Lady

    • Local Member Directory

    Holey Toledodough

    • Local Member Directory

    Manica’s Baker Boy

    • Local Member Directory

    Wixey Bakery

    • Local Member Directory

    So Sweet

    • Local Member Directory

    Jera’s Heavenly Sweet

    • Local Member Directory

    House of Donuts

    • Local Member Directory


    • sofos 768x487

    Sofo’s Italian Market

    • Local Member Directory

    Jolly Donut

    • Local Member Directory

    Haas Bakery

Locally Owned Specialty Markets

Besides the regular markets and local grocery stores, our region is dotted with specialty and ethnic markets that are well worth the visit.

Don’t just think dinner. Many friends and family want to experiment with cooking outside their roots but either don’t know how or don’t know what to shop for. Likewise, many of these markets carry their own brands of specialty treats and sweets.

Forget the “international” aisle at the mega-mart. These locally-owned specialty markets offer up the globe’s best right in our backyard.

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    • Cedar Fresh Market 768x487

    Cedar Fresh Market

    • sofos 768x487

    Sofo’s Italian Market

    • Middle East Market 768x499

    Middle East Market

    • health foods by claudia 768x487

    Health Foods by Claudia

    • Local Member Directory

    Yarlu African Market

    • True Spice 768x499

    True Spice

    • Local Member Directory

    Tee Oriental Food and Gifts

    • Jin and Daves 768x487

    Jin and Dave’s Asian Grocery

    • Reddy 768x487

    Reddy Food n Spices

    • image 768x512

    Hua Xing Asia Market

    • Local Member Directory

    B and T’s Asian Market

    • La Candelaria 768x487


    • san marcos 768x487

    San Marcos Market

    • Local Member Directory

    Lai Lai Asian Market