Trick or Treat Times 2021

Lucy: All you have to do is walk up to a house, ring the doorbell, and say 'tricks or treats.' Sally: Are you sure it's...

Coffee Quest Returns for 2021!

There are things you would expect from the region along the western bank of Lake Erie. Great Walleye fish platters, excellent cars, beautiful glass,...

Beating the Dog Days of Summer

Local markets, farmers' markets and specialty stores are serving up a cornucopia of products to help celebrate our independence!

Outdoor Markets: Two Years in the Making

Anyone who has been tracking the weather here along the shores of Lake Erie knows that things have made a jump from winter to...

Celebrate Spring Locally… Finally!

Given the weather in Northwest Ohio, “spring” is a flexible season. After all, we got four inches of snow in the third week of...

Ice Cream Shoppes: The Opening Act of Summer

Ice cream shoppes are open, marking the first great sign that summer is just around the corner. Here's our guide to all the local gems.

Spring Cleaning Tips to Get You Ready for Summer!

There are several ways to tell that spring is in the air. Robins bobbing along, dogs acting silly (or sillier), humans wearing shorts when...

A Fresh Look at Fish for Lent

For many children, fish on Fridays is the bane of their childhood lives. In fact, the same is true for many adults. It may...

Restaurant Week Toledo 2021

Check out the updated article for Restaurant Week Toledo 2022! Eating out has been, to be charitable, a challenge. Certainly, our local restaurants, pubs, and...

Romance and Beekeeping: Local Valentine’s Day Ideas

Apparently, there is more than one Saint Valentine. At least two, maybe three. And, regardless of which story you subscribe to, both stories are...

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