Romance and Beekeeping: Local Valentine’s Day Ideas

Local Retailers Offer Unique Ways of Being a Valentine

Local Valentine's Day Ideas

Apparently, there is more than one Saint Valentine. At least two, maybe three. And, regardless of which story you subscribe to, both stories are ripe for celebration. And, without even being that creative, Valentine’s Day is one of the easiest holidays to celebrate locally. We’ve scoured the local area to bring you the best local Valentine’s Day ideas.

St. Valentine the Friend

We all know the standard story. St. Valentine was a bishop who was martyred for marrying young men and women when the Roman Emperor didn’t approve (he believed that single guys were better suited for the military). Hence, St. Valentine the patron saint of young love and the affianced.

Then there is the story of the Valentine who was jailed and, in an act of faith and charity, cured his jailer’s daughter of blindness. In a final act of friendship, before he was martyred, the saint wrote to the daughter (who now apparently could read) a letter of encouragement and signed it, “your Valentine”.

Regardless of which story you like Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about love. It is a great day to reconnect with friends and family. Anyone can, in fact, be “your Valentine” with these great local Valentine’s Day ideas.

Saint Valentine the Apiarist?

Yes, Saint Valentine is the patron of beekeepers. Nobody really knows why (at least that we can find). However, honey is sweet, sticky, cloying…like young love. Regardless, a Valentine doesn’t have to be a young lover. I can be anyone who, apparently, you want to share some honey with.

Honey is, of course, one of the most local products around. Although it is produced commercially, there isn’t a location with any kind of spring and summer weather that doesn’t have beekeepers. So, one might actually say that Valentine’s Day is a celebration of local.

Sure, it’s a stretch. However, young love is only a small slice of a rich and full life. So on Valentine’s Day, it is prudent to extend the metaphor. Celebrate this holiday by reaching out to a friend or family member with something special, and just as important, something local.

Check out our list of local Valentine’s Day ideas to help you celebrate. It includes some wonderful local markets and merchants.

Local Valentine's Day Ideas

Local Florists

In Bloom Flowers and Gifts

One of the original and beautiful arrangements from In Bloom

One of the most charming shops in all of the region, Kendra and company have become known for helping event the most clueless Romeo. Plus they have a unique way of helping if you want to send a plant or arrangement to the guy in your life. Check out their “boxes of roses” option for a great gift.

Bartz Viviano

Bartz has one of the best reputations in the area when it comes to flowers. More importantly, they have several locations so the convenience factor is high.

Ken’s Flower Shops

Like Bartz, Ken’s is a longstanding florist in the area. With 3 locations across the area Ken’s is a great option for last minute pickup as well as ordering ahead.

Valentine's Gifts to Pamper & Please

Yanbal USA by Deb Cash

It is winter, it is dry, and everybody is having skin problems. Yanbal is an amazing company represented locally by Deb Cash. No matter if you need some hand cream or a great perfume, scent or jewelry for that special Valentine, Deb can help you with the process.

Super Suppers

It may not seem like “pampering”, but giving your Valentine the ability to order prepared “fresh to frozen” meals is an amazing and thoughtful gift. Taking the stress out of dinner time (and doing so in a much healthier way than take out) will score lots of points on VD.

Ahava Spa and Wellness Center

A full service day spa located in the heart of Downtown Toledo. Why this spa? Well, nothing is more centrally located and any support we can give the downtown area of Toledo has an upside.

Cruise Planners

Sure, nobody is thinking about travel right now. But what about Valentine’s Day, 2022? Too far off? Not according to Starr Wlodarski of Cruise Planners. Arranging your next get-a-way well in advance is might thoughtful and Starr can help with every step of the process.

Essential Connection

Essential Oils are hot property right now and doTerra is one of the most natural lines around. You don’t need to know anything about them to get started (or give them as gifts). Let Karla and her team help create the perfect starter kit or expand you Valentine’s oil horizons.

Candy, Treats, & Candy Stores

Maumee Valley Chocolate and Candy Company

Amazing chocolatier located in the heart of Uptown Maumee. Forget the strawberries. Try the cocoa bombs.

Boyd’s Retro Candy

Boyd’s may be the most playful suggestion on our Valentine’s Day list. Forget you fancy

Locally made Dietsch Candy from Findlay is sold at markets across the area

strawberry’s and chocolate shaped roses. Go for the retro candy. It has the duel benefits of both invoking fond memories of childhood and being thoughtful.

Dietsch Brothers

These guys out of Findlay Ohio have been making candy for a long time. Appearing across the region in local groceries (and in their own stores), their chocolate are simply made and high quality. Of particular not are the chocolate covered pretzels


Two advantages to Ben’s: Fudge and the whole rest of the store. If you haven’t been to Ben’s in downtown Bowling Green it is definitely worth the trip. A playful retro store with…as we indicated…FUDGE.

Thinking Outside The Chocolates Box

Third Street Cigar

Well, cigars. Not everyones cup of tea, as it were, but if you have that aficionado in your life this is a place to gift.

RiverFront Candle Co.

Of course, you can buy a candle. However, wouldn’t it be better to take that special someone out and make a candle. Located in the heart of Historic Downtown Perrysburg, there are plenty of other things and places to eat in the area. A great day date.


And easy gift that supports our local culture and community. The two main options are, of course, The Toledo Zoo and Aquarium and The Toledo Museum of Art. It worth noting that many of the activities at the zoo are offered to members first. TMA offers exclusive hours and options for members. Above all, both places offer a whole year of date and day off opportunities.

Clara J’s at 219

“Charming” is a bit too cliche and trite for Clara J’s. Yet, it is…well…charming. Great gift ideas or, just take you Valentine (or really anyone special in your life) for tea.

Iron Bean Coffee Company

Veteran owned excellent coffee roasted originally in Toledo and now in Perrysburg. From flavored coffees like Intense Blueberry to strong bold brews like Drink From the Skull of Your Enemies, Iron Bean coffees can please any coffee drinking Valentine.


We have great sports team and they are finally getting back to playing. Getting tickets to a Walleye or Mudhens game for your Valentine is a great gift option. If nothing else, everybody loves the gear.

Below are a list by category of basic gift ideas. Every one of these ideas can be done locally. Check our directory for options on where to go, attractions to visit, and other great options for making this the best local Valentines Day ever!

Local Valentine's Day Gift Ideas