Ice Cream Places! Top Ten… Plus Ten

Local Soft Serve Stands and Ice Cream Joints Offer Relief from the Heat and the Blues

Top 10 Ice Cream Places

Ice cream places are the best. Period. They offer sprinkles when your down, Krunch Kote when your silly, chili dogs when your peckish, and banana splits when you want to hide your ice cream with something “healthy”.

According to IBIS World, sales of soft-serve ice cream last year topped over 5 billion with over 14 thousand stores and 120 thousand employees. But we don’t care about any of that. We care that OUR store is open and that OUR store has employees.

Here are our top ten favorite ice cream places in the area. Plus a bonus ten local ice cream shops because we love ice cream so much. Is yours on the list? Join our discussion on social media and add to this list. Open all season and central to the summer, ice cream has arrived!