Time to Get Outside! Top Ten Places to Start Spring

Local Parks and Shops Gear Us Up for Better Weather

Top Ten Places to Start Spring

Spring is nature’s way of saying let’s party. — Robin Williams

Spring? Getting outside? Really?!?

Yes, we mean it.  Although the last couple of weeks have seemed more like monsoon season that Spring, our area is notorious for changing its weather inclination…usual two or three times a day. That means that the wet and cold is receding and the warm and pleasant is ascendant.

So, are you ready? Shoes, bikes, clothes, grills, rods and reels, kayaks and canoes? Better weather and adventure awaits and our local parks and merchants are ready to help get your started. Below is our top ten list with some extras thrown in. Did we forget anyone? Don’t hesitate to weigh in and let’s drop the winter blues and get into the season!

Our List of Top Ten Places to Start Spring

  1. MetroParks Toledo: Without a doubt we have one of the best park systems around and the weather is getting close to cooperating. From a downtown walk,a jog on the South end, kayaking or canoeing,  to a lengthy run or bike ride along the Maumee, the MetroParks offer it all. One of the best coordinated park systems in the country and all right in the neighborhood.
  2. Wood County Park District: Perfectly groomed walks to rugged yet not too far getaways, the Wood County Park District has some amazing options. Every park is unique and they are just a bit south. Like taking a trip without going very far. We are particularly found of W. W. Knight Preserve
  3. Spoke Life Cycles: With locations in Perrysburg, Sylvania, Fremont, and Elmore, Spoke Life is a great place to start a cycling journey. Plus, we have great bike paths sprinkled throughout the area. Lots of options, repairs, plus events and custom fitting. These guys will get you on the road.
  4. Dave’s Running: Like Spoke Life, Dave’s has locations in Sylvania, Perrysburg, Findlay, and Delta. All the usual running gear, of course, plus training, events, and a great community to build your running journey. If you are just starting don’t hesitate to walk in. RSL’s publisher started with this shop simply to run a 5K and has stuck with them through 2 half marathons.
  5. Mountain Man Sports: Sure, we think of Mountain Man as being skiing and snowboarding central. However, they also have a great selection of bikes. These guys are great to get to know and if you visit for bikes who knows, you might get hooked on a winter sport as well.
  6. Woodlands Park Disc Golf: One of the hidden gems here in the area, Woodlands Park Disc Golf course is a beautifully thought out and laid out course. Easily accessible off the interstate and an easy way to take a…with pun intended…a walk in the park. Located in Perrysburg.
  7. Fin, Feather, Fur: An Ohio based outdoor outfitter with a fairly new location in Rossford, you can guess what they carry. Basically, outdoor central with a deep bench when it comes to staff and expertise. Six locations throughout the state.
  8. Wersell’s Bike and Ski Shop: Toledo’s oldest bike shop (and started in 1945), they also carry ski equipment to keep you outdoors when the weather won’t allow you to bike. Like all bike shops, expertise, custom fitting, bike tune ups and repairs.
  9. Maumee Tackle Fishing Outfitters: Almost iconic and located in downtown Maumee, many people remember getting their first license at Maumee Tackle. They still sell licenses of all types plus fishing gear, rod and reel supplies, bait, and fire arm supplies.
  10. Appliance Center: We know what you are thinking. What does a dish washer have to do with getting outdoors? However, Appliance Center has a respectable selection of outdoor grills, accessories and furniture. They are locally owned (i.e. not a mega mart or the internet) and are super helpful. They carry products to suit any household size. No matter if you are a small porch Hibachi kind of outdoor cook or a 6 burner plus rotisserie gas grill go big or go home kind of chef, Appliance Center is worth a gander.

Honorable Mentions:

Toledo Botanical Gardens: Now operated by the MetroParks, TBG is a gem right in the middle of the city. It is a great place to “get your steps in” if you are a walker, start a journey of gentle exercise surrounded by amazing gardens, plus you can visit the Artisan Village for a visit with some of the area’s leading artisans.

Second Sole: A regionally based company, the great thing about Second Sole is they will help you get back to or start your walking/running journey. Plus they run events right out of the Levis Commons store so it is easy to get and stay connected with people who will support you along your journey.

Ottawa and Jermain Park: There is a lot to merit these heart of the city parks, starting with the parks themselves. Simply put, this is a charming city park. The area includes a disc golf course, regular golf course, plus plenty of places to roam and explore.