Shoppers on Site, Independence Day Edition!

These are the BEST cherries. Don't balk at the price...they are better than candy. At Monnettes

By RSL Staff

Let’s face it, our area is blessed with some great local markets. This week we visited Walt Churchill’s Market at Briarfield, Sautter’s Market in Sylvania, and Monnettes on Reynolds.  Each of these great local markets has additional locations throughout the area and are worth a walk through.  Besides being local owned and supportive of local and regional producers, they are also gold mines for outside the box items that will impress any audience, from small fireworks gathering to big and booming parties.

We would be remiss if we didn’t also show quick links to meet markets as well, recently covered in a previous S.O.S. Check out all the great free standing meat markets here!

Walt Churchill’s Market

We love WCM, both on Briarfield and in Perrysburg. First, they are an excellent resource for organic, non-GMO, and gluten free. Second, they carry cool stuff. From interesting, small craft mustards and BBQ sauces to their own smokehouse, WCM delivers as a true Americana market.

Sautter’s Market

We think that Sautter’s might be the coolest stealth market in town. First, try their in house potato salad. Also, they carry an amazing selection of specialty, regionally produced chips and snacks. Their bakery is good, they have local craft beers, and they have unusual sodas guaranteed to elevate any picnic. Locations in Sylvania and Whitehouse


Monnettes markets have 3 things going for them.  They are small, they work hard to stock local produce, and they care. Staff at Monnettes will actually talk to you. We had a very serious discussion about seedless Concord grapes which resulted in a purchase .  Plus Monnettes deli is amazing. Locations on Secor, Reynolds, and Glendale.