A Night on the (Terror) Town

Behind the Scenes with Terror Town


There is something intrinsically delicious about being scared. The rush, the shock, the thrill, and then, the relief. It is all part of being human. Standing as the bedrock of Halloween and at the core of the Halloween, experience is The Haunted House.

Regardless of where you live, during the waning days of October and even into early November, haunted houses come alive (or reanimate, or rise up from the grave) to give us exactly what we want: a good old fashion scare.

Behind the Scenes at Terror Town

Terror Town has its own brand of law enforcement.

Terror Town isn’t your run of the mill haunted house, or “haunts” as they like to be called. It is a full blown festival. Old west themed and decked, Terror Town spans 7 acres and includes two saloons, five restaurants, and two dozen shops.

“It is a full blown experience,” says Hayden. “In many haunts you go, wait a couple of hours in line, then go through the experience in 30 minutes. We have created an entire theme experience. Once you register you can spend your time exploring the town. Basically, take your favorite haunted house and put a whole town in the front ready to explore.”

Besides the shopping and food, Terror Town includes in town skits, games, featured entertainers, classic horror movies and music. The main terror trail includes over 40 performers plus another dozen in town proper. “You should also check out our museum of the occult, including items from the vintage,” explains Hayden. Items include embalming kits, skulls, caskets, and “instrumentation” that psychics used among other displays representing the late 1800’s.

Painting the (Terror) Town Red

As a final wave to the season, Terror Town will host Camp Xul, November 12th and 13th. “Besides our terror trail we will play host to a music festival,” explains Hayden. Headlined by Alla Xul Elu, the two days will be packed with music acts on three stages. Camping is available along with a whole host of other themed activities, including entertainment and movies.

“This is our first year and we couldn’t be more excited,” says Hayden enthusiastically. “Why does the love of the horror genre have to end in October?”

At Terror Town it doesn’t. 

All Hallows Eve Terror Town

Fridays and Saturdays, 7 PM – 2 AM

Through November 6th

1449 Greenbush, Cobb Rd

Williamsburg, OH