S.O.S. {Shoppers On Site}, Smoothie Edition 2/10/17

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By Chris Watson

Not everything we looked at this week was smoothie related but we tried to stay on topic.  This week we looked at three stores that will help you experiment with smoothies.  Monnettes (we visited the Glendale store) is one of the undisputed leaders in all things vegetable and fruit.  We visited Bassett’s (on Secor) to look at some smoothie additions and of course found other cool stuff.  Finally, we visited Fresh Thyme and their surprisingly decent produce department.

Monnettes (On Glendale)

There are many reasons why we love Monnettes.  Their deli is amazing (check out the smoked pork loin on sale this week).  But it is the veggie and fruit selection that always drives us to this unique market. This week strawberries are on sale and of course they freeze so pick up plenty.

Bassett’s Health Food Store

Bassett’s is a hidden and underrated gem.  Right off the bat they have a good bulk selection, from spices to herbs to dry goods.  They also have a good selection of gluten free.  And although not billed as a vitamin or exercise supplement store, they have those products as well, usually organic and all natural.  They are always worth a drop in.


Fresh Thyme

With a decent produce department and whole aisles of supplements and natural additives, Fresh Thyme could simply advertise itself as a health food store. Of course, it also has a butcher shop, a deli, and a respectable fish selection.  This week check out the Dover Sole and lobster tails.  Finally, tired of honey getting sugary on you and not being able to finish a jar?  Get honey or maple syrup in the amount you want from their bulk dispenser.