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Getting Personal with Photographer Jen Mahn

pet photography with Jen Mahn

If you think that cell phones displaced photographers, think again. Local photographer Jen Mahn has made a career at helping people capture memories.

“The problem,” says Jen Mahn of Jen Mahn Photography, “is that when you take your own pictures

Jen Mahn, Owner of Jen Mahn Photography

you are not in the picture. One of the great joys of being a photographer is that we can get everyone in the picture.”

And by everyone, Mahn has recently been focused on pet photography, adding to her already impressive portfolio of graduation and senior photos, family pictures, teen and tweens sessions, and other life events. She has a long history of helping individuals, families, and their furry companions capture a slice of life. Whether you need pet photography or just to capture some of life’s great moments, Jen can help.

We caught up with Jen and quizzed her with 5 questions about her job.

5 Questions with Photographer Jen Mahn

  1. What is your favorite thing to photograph? Pets. Don’t get me wrong, I love people but pets are hilarious. There is a big similarity between photographing pets and children. First, you know you have about a 30-minute time frame. Second, you NEVER know what is going to happen. If you are ready for those surprises then some amazing memories can be captured. 
  2. What are the 3 things to look for in a photographer? You want experience first. Someone who knows how to work with their camera. Nothing is worse than a photographer who isn’t familiar with their equipment. Second, personable. Who wants to work with a grumpy photographer? Finally, I love building relationships with my clients. It helps during photography AND during the selection of pictures after the session. 
  3. Why did you get into photography? I have always been into photography. My husband and I met in high school (Bowsher) and I would take him to the park and make him pose. I say that I capture memories for generations. When people say you have Uncle Bob’s ears or Aunt Jane’s eyes the only way to know that is through photography.
  4. With your love of photographing people, why pets? I believe pets need a voice too. I started about 3 years ago working with pets. I went to work for a cat shelter and started photographing the cats for their website. I branched out from there and I have worked with Toledo’s “Pet” Bull Project, Friends of Lucas County Dogs, Fur Angels Rescue Shelter, and Maumee Valley Save a Pet.
  5. When not photographing pets and people, what are your favorite local things to do in town? We love the Toledo Metroparks, in particular Wildwood and Secor. We are big birders so obviously, our Metroparks are a big part of our adventures. My husband loves Zingos.

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