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    WynHouse Software is leading our local region in custom software and application development.

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    Charming. Not a descriptor usually applied to software companies. However, Toledo-based company WynHouse Software is out to change that perception.

    With high-powered software solutions provided by local talent, WynHouse is helping forge a new paradigm in tech solutions for our region and beyond.

    College Dreams

    “We started when attending University of Toledo,” remarks Matthew Soltesz, Co-Founder of WynHouse. “Our thought was to do a bar crawl phone app,” he states a bit sheepishly, “which is not surprising for a couple of college designers.” 

    The app worked but came to fruition during the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic. “Obviously bar crawls were not happening. However, that small project introduced us to JumpStart, which moved us quickly into a broader vision. Wynhouse was born.”

    With a four step process to help clients from basic concept to full application functionality, Wynhouse is now a regional leader in software design and tech solutions for companies across the country.

    One Size Does Not Fit All

    “Companies are unique and so are their needs,” states Evan Marsh, Founder of WynHouse with Soltesz. “Although there are many good software packages in the field today, like any other off the rack products they may not meet a client’s specific needs. Or, more bothersome, they need several packages that don’t integrate, forcing users to learn several different systems.”

    Marsh goes on to explain that the two dominant trends in software design are custom solutions and digital transformation. “Anytime you can automate or simplify a manual process there are advantages. Besides the benefits of having data digitized, it improves employee work quality of life. It allows employees time to focus on higher-value tasks. The higher the value of the task the more value the employee feels.”

    “Just as important,” says Marsh, “simplifying the life of an employee leads to higher retention. In addition, these team members turn their attention to growing your business, become more personally invested in the success of the business, and ultimately contribute at a higher level. Certainly, that is a better use of a team members’ time than doing tasks that can be automated, like data entry.”

    Development Process Graphic

    Accessibility is Key

    WynHouse Software Team
    The WynHouse Software Team carefully plans each step of the development process.

    In addition to that accessibility is a team that can take things one step at a time. “We understand,” says Marsh, “that companies large and small need to take things in bites. Our first goal is to put out a minimum viable product that starts our relationship rolling. From there we can continue to grow with the company”.

    That step-by-step process is incumbent on a great team. “I work around great people”, says Soltesz. “Working with a supportive group of quality-driven professionals gives me the freedom to explore genuine solutions for our clients. In turn, our clients come to rely on us to find answers to their questions. In the end, this is my bottom line. Relationships are the best part of my job.”

    Valuing people over process is inherent in the WynHouse process. It is, in a word, charming.

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