Shoppers on Site: Summer Reads!

Local used and independent bookstores offer summer reading adventure.


by RSL Staff

“You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.”

–Dr. Seuss


There is no question that summer and reading go together like ice cream and krunch kote. Just when we thought that the independent bookstore had gone away like civility in politics (this is an SOS about reading so it is required for us to use at least a couple of cheesy similes) it turns out that there are quite a few places to buy books that aren’t mega marts or on-line clearinghouses. These places are as local as the Mudhens or Packos (and now we will stop with the literary comparisons). Check out these local retailers and pick up something to read for the summer!

Gathering Volumes

Located in Perrysburg, Gathering Volumes is everything you expect from a local independent book store. Sure, they have best sellers but so does Kroger. What this store also offers is a staff that reads and events for readers. A variety of book clubs dot their schedule and their store offeres staff picks for reading from a staff that has actually read them. Then ask the staff what is on their “to read” list. That alone will send you back to the stacks for more selections.

196 E. South Boundary, Perrysburg, OH

Encore Books

Tucked in a corner of the shopping plaza on the corner of Key and Heatherdowns, Encore is a great local used book store with a wide selection. One of the cool things about this store is that it isn’t just long shelves of books. The store is a bit of a jumble, with nooks and crannies just waiting to be explored. This is at the heart of any great book store, exploration.

4400 Heatherdowns, Toledo OH

Monarch Comics and Cards

Just a couple of doors down from Encore is Monarch Comics and Cards. Although technically a comic “book” store, graphic novels have definitely become the rage. Especially if you have younger ones who are still hesitant to engage in reading, graphic novels are a great way of enticing younger readers into a lifelong love of reading. The staff at Monarch

Monarch Cards and Comics has an excellent selection of Comics, graphic novels, cards, figurines, and all things nerd and geek.

is friendly and is more than willing to help a parent explore a kid’s interest level while being sensitive to genre. Plus, as adults we all have a little kid locked up inside. Explore a bit for yourself as well.

4400 Heatherdowns, Toledo OH

Grounds for Thought

Coffee house, social nexus, record (as in vinyl) store, performance venue, used book store…you get the picture. Grounds in Bowling Green is, at its heart, the perfect combo of sleek modern coffee house and college town kitsch. Browse for a great summer read

Not just a coffee shop. Grounds for shop is an excellent used book store as well. You will find fiction, but you will also find an amazing selection of non fiction as well.

then stay and enjoy it!

174 S. Main St., Bowling Green OH

NeverMore Used Books

With locations in north Toledo and now in downtown Maumee, NeverMore is another great source for used and good condition used books. Both locations are robust in their selection and obviously owned and operated by book lovers. If you are in the Maumee store you can also stop by and get some chocolate at Maumee Valley Chocolate and Candyor jump across the street for a sandwich at Maumee’s popular Georgettes.

2856 W. Sylvania Ave, Toledo OH

302 Conant St., Maumee, OH

Your Local Library

Yes, libraries have books to loan. But almost all of them have books to sell as well. Buying books from libraries is a great way of supporting their operations. Both the Lucas County System and the libraries in Wood County have for sale books. Not only do you get a great summer read but you get to support this most vital of community services to boot. Start on the appropriate website

Toledo-Lucas County Library System

Wood County Public Library District

Way Public Library