Shoppers on Site, Soda Edition 7/22/17


By RSL Staff

Coke, Pepsi, 7 Up, Dr. Pepper…even with addition of diet, cherry, caffeine free, and vanilla, these old school drinks have become commonplace compared to the myriad of fizzy refreshments, enhanced beverages, and perfumed waters that have sprung onto the market. There is no reason to go to the park or sit by the pool on a hot day and drink a “soda”.  Now you can explore an entire world of craft beverages and waters right in our own back yard. Walt Churchill’s Market, Fresh Market, and Fresh Thyme have a great selection of specialty soda.  So turn a hot or muggy day into a posh pool party or fancy refreshment exploration. Throw caution and familiar to the wind and indulge in the latest from the producers of cool and thirst quenching.

Walt Churchill’s Market

Both the Perrysburg and the Briarfield locations have a great selection of specialty waters, sodas, and beverages of all kinds.  What makes a visit to one of these locations a real treat is that they also have great delis, bakeries, and snack isles. Grab a 4 pack of some spiffy soda, throw it on ice, then visit the rest of the store for an instant picnic or easy and cool summer supper. And don’t forget their candy isle and frozen section. They have a good selection of specialty chocolate and regional ice cream as well.


Fresh Market

Fresh Market may be the best selection of unusual waters, teas, sodas, and other non alcoholic refreshment in town. On the alcoholic side they also have a great selection of mixers ready for ice and alcohol of your choice. They have a great selection of fruit and a respectable deli ready for a picnic. In particular their deli has a good many side dishes ready to throw in a cooler along with a reasonable selection of ready to eat sandwiches, sushi, and other quick grab foods that are well prepared and fresh. Fresh Market has food tailor made for a road trip! Also, check out their bulk selection.

Fresh Thyme

Fresh Thyme has a respectable selection of unique waters, teas, and sodas. Certainly that is one reason to go there.  However, the real reason is the bulk foods section. Plenty of picnic, road trip, or late night snacks. Fresh Thyme is also the place to really investigate “feel good” drinks and snacks, with lots of vegan, gluten free, and non-GMO selections across the board.