S.O.S. {Shoppers on Site}, Tailgate Edition, 9/16/17

Salads, dips, sauces...oh my. Tiger's deli

Tiger Bakery, Sofos, Walt Churchill’s, and Fresh Market make Tailgating Easy

By Candace Byington and Chris Watson

“Some people think football is a matter of life and death.  I assure you, it is much more serious than that.” –Bill Shankly

This week for Shoppers on Site we went in search of some great tailgating places…and we found them. Tiger Bakery, Sofo’s, WCM, and Fresh Market headline a list of great markets that seek to elevate the tailgate party (with our without the gate) to a new level.  They make easy, they make it tasty, and they make it fun.  Whether you are a diehard fan or a casual, even reluctant observer, everyone can eat and snack well at a game party.

Tiger Bakery

There isn’t a lot to say about Tiger Bakery other than go there and pick up a bunch of everything. Also, call ahead for a tray.  They will quickly put together something amazing for delivery to your favorite place of gridiron observance.

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If you’re on the hunt for tailgating munchies, Sofo’s will surprise and delight you! Give your tailgating experience Italian flavor! The market features its own oven ready pizzas and subs. You can also make your own pizza with their own crusts that come in a variety of sizes and thickness. They have a produce section and unique condiments like vineripe ketchup. Visit their deli and bring a unique side or indulge in one of the many types of olives available. There are varieties of cheese, summer sausage and salami to choose from. You will find Italian desserts in the bakery and cheesecake in the frozen section. The market offers an array of wine and beer as well.

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Walt Churchill’s Market

If you’re en route to a game and need delicious snacks, meat for grilling and adult beverages, Walt Churchill’s Market in Maumee is your one-stop! The market has unusual snacks like plantain chips and

Sriracha jerky. Visit the deli where you will find unique salads like Lois salad, an array of sand which meats and cheeses. Enjoy fresh baked cookies as well! In the meat section you will find a variety of sausages from German brats to Greek Chicken. You can dress up your dog in a pretzel bun with craft beer mustard from Michigan’s New Holland brewery or chipotle ketchup. The market is known for its wine selection, it has an assortment of craft beer and has a liquor store.

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Fresh Market

Fresh Market sports one of the best bulk sections in town.  Sea salt and black pepper peanuts, more snack mixes than can be named, plus a respectable deli section with solid salads. If you are going for the more natural tailgate feast we saw some fresh fruit, in particular moon drop grapes and white peaches, that were definitely not just “healthy”. Finally, if your tailgaters like to start way too early and you still want a breakfast/brunch feel, skip the gut busting barely warm chili and pick up some smoked salmon slices from their fish counter. They will sell you a slice or a pound…just add bagel.

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