S.O.S. {Shoppers On Site}, Deli Salad Labor Day Edition, 9/2/2106


By Candice Byington and Chris Watson

Labor day it is!  Since we are Back to School, back to work and in general winding down the summer, we took a look at ways to enjoy one last taste of summer but save lots of time.  This week we scanned the delis at Walt Churchill’s Market, Sautter’s in Waterville, Monnette’s on Reynolds, and Kazmaier’s in Perrysburg for great summer salad favorites!

Walt Churchill’s Market

If you are headed out for one last summer cook out and need side dishes, visit Walt Churchill’s Market. There you will find unique twists on deli salads and freshly made wraps and sandwiches. Candace sampled their own cucumber salad,anti-pasta and German potato. To her surprise each has an unexpected ingredient or flavor. The cucumber salad-unlike its Mediterranean cousin fatoosh -contains poppyseeds and red pepper, which lends to a sweet and sour flavor. The anti-pasta salad breaks from tradition with the addition of cucumber, celery and carrots. Similarly the German potato salad has the skin on the potatoes and red peppers in it which makes it sweeter than the traditional recipe. Other unique salads at the deli are WCM’s own Lois salad and potato salad including a variety named after Perrysburg. The deli also features fresh lettuce salads, sushi and pre-cut and skewered kabobs and Amish enchiladas.

Sautter’s Market

If your cookout is in Oak Openings or along the Maumee River, a convenient one-stop is Sautter’s in Waterville. This week in Sautter’s deli traditional favorites like baked beans are on sale. The deli has a small variety of crowd pleasers like Buffalo chicken salad and traditional pasta salad. Candace sampled their own Sautter’s Summer salad and found that it is made of cucumbers and dill in a creamy sauce. Potato salads are on sale and already packaged if you’re on the go this weekend. Got dessert? Need a sweet treat at the picnic? In the afternoon you can find discounted donuts at Sautter’s bakery.


No need to drive to Amish country for traditional favorites like beet pickled eggs and pickled asparagus, you can find these and other Amish style dishes at Monette’s on Reynolds road. If you wish to give your last cook out or picnic an Amish theme the Monette’s on Reynolds is your one stop for Amish coleslaw and potato salad, Troyer deli meat, and varieties of Amish cheeses. The deli also features BLT potato salad. Give your sandwich local flavor and spicy with several varieties of Ohio’s own Woeber sandwich Pal. Finally keep your outing clean with fragrant and decorative bars of hand soap. These soaps are on sale this week and can be found in the deli area.

Kazmaier’s (Waterville)

Kazmaiers in Perrysburg has a range of fresh salads, wraps and subs for picnics or on the road snacks. This week, the traditional homemade potato salad known for its creamy dill flavor is on special. (This is also one of Candace’s favorites.) Find unique salads like broccoli or beet and onion to share. Or give your last summer cookout a Mediterranean spin with Tiger Bakery fatoosh, hummus and tabouli. Kazmaiers also carries Tiger Bakery’s pita chips and Stonefire’s naan bread, both excellent for dips or alternatives to buns. Italian lovers will enjoy tomato and mozzarella salad and hearty slices of Italian torta.