By Chris Watson

Nothing bespeaks of credibility like someone who uses a product they sell. For Deb Yeagle, ASEA has solved a host of problems in her life, so much so that she began to represent the product with a passion. “It is impossible to quantify how much this supplement changed my life.”

Yeagle, who is a retired art teacher and still active as owner of Lofty Pine Llama and Alpaca Ranch, struggled for years with allergies. “Imagine that, someone who raises animals for natural wools having allergies. It was, to say the least, inconvenient.”  It was also costly. Yeagle was a daily Zyrtec user and because of frequent sinus infections took two to three Z-pac antibiotics a year. “With all the allergies and allergy medication I suffered from acid reflux and frequent upset stomach. So, I took Nexium daily as well. I figured it was all part of the price of loving animals and being an active, outdoors loving adult.”

After discovering a maintained use of ASEA as a health and nutritional supplement, all those medications went away, as did the issues

Deb Yeagle not only represents ASEA but is a regular user.

they supposedly solved. “The proof for me was in the cost. I didn’t just feel better, which I did. But I had demonstrative results in my daily life. Nobody wants to take pills, deal with the effects of those pills, pay for those pills, and above all feel run down while doing work they love. That is why I say it is hard to truly express what ASEA has done for my day to day living. I measure things in ‘don’ts’. I don’t take pills, I don’t have terrible allergies, I don’t have an upset stomach, I don’t get sick, and I don’t visit the doctor except for checkups. How do you measure that?”

What is ASEA

The world of natural, homeopathic, and preventative health is charitably described as a labyrinth. There is a mind-numbing number of products on the market with various studies and claims followed by a word salad of terms to “support” those claims. Like all products, research is the key to any health claim…that and experience. ASEA is, simply stated, a safe solution of Redox Signaling molecules suspended in a saline solution. Redox Signaling molecules work on the cellular level. They are vital to the immune system and to cellular healing function. These molecules support and enable the repair and healing of damaged dysfunctional cells and support healthy cells to take over in our body.

As long winded as that sounds this is the primary goal of all supplements, from high end protein shakes to in home green smoothies. Even a kids Flintstone vitamin is supposed to help our insides do a better job of what our outsides want to accomplish, whether avoiding an allergy attract or running a marathon. ASEA, unlike other products, has a reasonable group studies and science behind the technology. It has a trackable, certifiable medical staff and board that supports the product. And ASEA, although new the United States, has a much longer history in Europe. These studies and testimonials are easy to find and linked below.

Products and Uses

ASEA, in its most basic use, is drank daily (nominally 4 Oz) as a routine health supplement. That is it. No pills, no powders, no mixes, no schedules. Just a safe, saline solution of Redox Signaling Molecules designed to support basic cell function throughout the body. As simple as a daily vitamin.

For athletes ASEA can be used as part of a training schedule.  Many athletes have found shortened recovery times post workout or run and better performance and energy during their workout. Of course, like all supplements and workout routines, prudence is paramount. It is important to make sure we are ready physically for vigorous workouts and build up slowly to avoid injury. ASEA doesn’t claim to take someone from couch potato to Olympian. It is part of a complete, balanced approach to athletic activity.

The RENU 28 family of skin care products uses ASEA’s patented Redox Signaling technology as part of their natural skin care system

Finally, Redox Signaling molecules work on the inside and the outside. The ASEA family includes a series of products called Renu 28, which in its simplest form is a topical gel that has the same immune and health supporting molecules that is in basic ASEA. It can be used as a moisturizer, general skin cleaner, even a topical support for healing cuts and bruises.

“We women all have ‘trouble spots’ that we don’t like. And, if you use makeup, you see them every day. Renu 28 is a natural, easy, additive, dye, and perfume free way of easing and healing those trouble spots. I have used it on cuts and it is amazing how quickly they heal. And trust me, when you work on a farm minor cuts and scrapes can become a big deal if you don’t take care of them. I even use a spray mist of ASEA as a hand sanitizer. It doesn’t smell, it doesn’t dry my skin, and it is safe for my grandkids to use.”

Investigate to Discover

Like all cautious consumers, most of us have a natural aversion to “scams”. We instinctively disbelieve any claims, especially in the world of health and health improvement. “I get it,” says Yeagle. “So many products claim so many things. All I know is what the product has done for me and then I refer people to studies, tests, and testimonials. Of course, the first testimonial is myself.”

Whether looking to generally improve health, work and recover from an athletic training regime, or using ASEA as a skin care routine, ASEA’s Redox Signaling technology has a wide variety of uses and benefits. You can go to a wide variety of resources to read for yourself or contact Yeagle directly for more information. “The bottom line,” says Yeagle, “is that we all need to find what is right for our bodies. I found that ASEA works with my lifestyle in an organic and natural way. It has fundamentally changed the way I think about my skin and my general health. I have seen results and I welcome the opportunity to talk about those positive changes.”

ASEA Corporate Website:  This corporate web site has exhaustive material on ASEA and RENU 28. Keep in mind that it is a corporate web site and studies cited are positive toward the product. It does have a wealth of information and testimonials.

Supplement Geek:  A Website dedicated to explaining in simpler terms the various health and science claims of a wide variety of health supplements. This site is neutral on the product but of interest is the wide variety of feedback on the product, both positive and negative. Much of that feedback is in the last few months, both positive and neutral. The site also has direct links to studies more recent or updated.

PubMed.Gov:  PubMed is the National Library of Medicine’s search service that provides  access to over 4500 medical journals. For the more technically inclined do a search not for ASEA but for Redox Signaling Molecules.

Deb Yeagle’s Personal Site:  You can contact Deb directly from this site.

Amazing Molecules:  A more direct educational site from ASEA. The sight has direct links to many publications along with videos.

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