Top Ten Places for Fish and Cheese

Greater Toledo has Great Places when Going Meatless for the Season

Top Ten Places for Fish and Cheese

Fish, cheese, and otherwise meatless. These are the usual rules for Friday’s of this season. For many of us it doesn’t matter if it is Friday, Lent, or really any time; We love fish and we love cheese. Regardless of whether you are observing a religious season or are coasting along with tradition for the fish frys and mac and cheese, there are several great places here in our area that can accommodate you. Click on the link for their website or a map.

  1. Rohr’s Fish Market: A Greater Toledo tradition for decades, Rohr’s isn’t fancy. They are a straight forward fishmonger with a great deal of expertise. Sure, we can flakey white
    A wonderful fish for event the most picky fish eaters. Flounder at WCM. Check their case. Selections vary.

    fish every Friday night or, if you want to branch out from the fish sticks or your youth, visit Rohr’s and catch some fish and great advice about how to prepare your selection.

  2. The Fish Market: Just over the border in Erie, The Fish Market may be one of the hidden heroes of the Fish on Friday pantheon. A great selection plus lots of advice. Well worth the drive.
  3. Walt Churchill’s Market: WCM is known for many things and we would be remiss if we didn’t mention their pasta and cheese selections. However, what you may pass by on your way to the deli is their fish case. In both locations WCM has respectable selections both fresh and frozen. Talk to the folks behind the counter. They will guide you on elevating your selection beyond cod.
  4. Fresh Market: We know, it isn’t entirely local. We apologize. However, Fresh Market is an excellent place to explore seafood and fish. Sometimes when dinner has restrictions you have to cast a wide net. And yes we went with the obvious pun. Someone had to…
  5. Sautter’s: In this case we encourage you to check out their cheese case. First, Sauder’s has a respectable selection of local cheeses (less than 50 miles or so). Second, they have a pretty cool pasta section. Finally, they have an amazing deli case for sweet stuff. All in all, a pretty good place to go meatless.
  6. Sofo’s: We know, it’s the Italian grocery. However, if you want something really different for your meatless dinner go pick up their frozen cheese ravioli and a jar of their sauce. Get some parmesan cheese to go on top, bread from the bakery, and pick up cannoli for dessert. A great spin on meatless.
  7. Monnette’s Glendale: Strictly speaking these are great produce markets. However, they do have amazing deli’s and therefore pretty good deli cheese selections. They also put out “chunk” cheese and their amazing “cheese crumbles” that both make excellent mac and cheese. Bottom line, it is a produce market. It is pretty easy to go meatless.
  8. Monnette’s Secor
  9. Monnette’s Reynolds
  10. The Seafood Restaurant: Another hidden gem up on Alexis Road. This is a great restaurant that is well worth finding. Given its name, it is an obvious seasonal choice.