S.O.S {Shoppers on Site}, Lazy Summer Edition, 8/4/2017

Ryan Farms is an iconic grower here in NWO. It is no surprise to find their products at WCM

By Chris Watson

Even if it wasn’t hot, the dog days of summer make us lazy. Who wants to cook? We all know that the hectic days of school starting, sport returning, plus general fall busy are right around the corner.  So why waste time with meal preparation when so many great area markets have in house meals and snacks that are ready to go.

Whether going on a picnic to a MetroPark or just grabbing some bread and cheese to go home and binge watch a Netflix exclusive series, our local markets are filled with tasty and in many cases, unique put your feet up and don’t worry about a think deli meals and snacks.  This week we took a look at Walt Churchill’s Market in Perrysburg, Monnettes on Secor, Sofo’s, and Fresh Market.

Walt Churchill’s Market

WCM may be the king (and queen as we give a wave to Lois) of the grab and go scratch made meals in our area.  We walked through the Perrysburg store but the one on Briarfield is just replete with great in house made food. And don’t forget that they have a salad bar at Briarfield.

Certainly the smokehouse is worth mentioning.  Sure, they have brats and turkey breast.  But they also have summer sausage and braunschweiger. Add in a great deli, good bakery, and excellent selection of deli salads and in house dips and WCM is the place for “I don’t want to cook tonight.”


We walked around the Monnettes on Secor.  However, don’t forget the Monnettes on Reynolds and on Glendale.  All three are a great produce market and deli.  At Secor we found a deli stocked with in house made dips and salads. Plus they carry a good deal of locally produced breads and chips.  Finally they have a reasonable wine and beer selection. Locally grown fruit is appearing as well which is the ultimate “I don’t want to cook” snack.  Just cut up a watermelon and watch TV.


Sofo’s makes it easy to grab something and go home. Their deli is stacked with meat and cheese that is ready to be cut up and munched with some of their excellent in house bread.  A great wine selection, best olives in town, and a deli salad selection that is very under appreciated. Plus…you know…cannoli…

Fresh Market

Fresh Market may be the perfect place to grab a fancy snack or dinner and not have to worry about anything but washing a couple of dishes afterwards.  Their prepared food section is one of their strengths.  And don’t hesitate to ask for a sample. If you are unsure of whether you would like one of their unique side dishes ask for a taste. They are more than happy to help. I once asked if they like their smoked salmon (I was in a bagel mood) and they guy gave me a slab without even blinking.  Do try that salmon, by the way. They will sell you a slice at a time.