S.O.S. {Shoppers on Site}, End of Summer Edition

Even if you have a brown thumb just buy the plant for the enormous amount of base. At Sautter's

By Candace Byington and Chris Watson

Yes, school is back in session. Yes, everyone is putting away their swim suits and water wings. Given the weather, we have even seen sweat shirts appear. That doesn’t mean summer is over. We still have a long weekend and 20 days to the official start of fall. So we visited three of our favorite markets plus mention a couple more to help keep us in the summer mood for just a bit longer.  This week we take a look at Walt Churchill’s Market, Sautter’s, and Kazmaier’s plus mention Zavotski Meats and Monnetttes.  Drop by one of these great local markets this week and hang one to your summer for as long as you can.

Walt Churchill’s Market

Do you want to bring a memorable dish to the last cookout of the season? Do you like supporting local businesses? Look no further than Walt Churchill’s Market in Perrysburg for unique ketchup, a variety of brats and unusual desserts! The market has its own sausage that ranges from Greek chicken to traditional German brats. (Be sure to pair them with many flavors of locally produced sauerkraut in the next aisle!) In between these offerings you will find spicy Cajun Andouille and two varieties of chorizo. If you prefer to grill hot dogs they have devil dogs and traditional Hungarian style. In the condiment aisle you can dress up your meats with an array of ketchup in jalapeño, sun dried tomato or sriracha flavor and many varieties of mustard. On a nearby shelf you will find flavorful assortments of locally made pickles. Give your ribs or chicken local flavor with BBQ sauce from Perrysburg, Toledo and Traverse City, Michigan. If you need dips look no further than Walt Churchill’s own mango salsa or one made from beets. Enjoy freshly made deli salads and guacamole. Finally finish your last cookout of the season with fancy cupcakes, a cake that has been frosted to resemble a burger or a pumpkin spice cookie!


There are so many things we love about these two markets.  Lets’s start with cheeseburger cookies. They have one of the best in house potato salads around along with an overall excellent deli. Their meat counter is often under rated. What you don’t find just call someone out and ask, they will be happy to help. Over in produce much of their produce is packaged conveniently for quick and easy meals and grill outs.  Finally, they are an excellent source for local and regional products, from beer to beer mustard. We don’t know why their isn’t a waiting line to get into these stores.


Labor Day weekend is upon us and this is a perfect opportunity to end the summer BBQ season with unique side dishes and condiments. Kazmaier’s in Perrysburg offers a few stand out BBQ sauces including Korean style. If you need a break from plain, yellow mustard, you will find varieties from spicy brown to horseradish to bring new life to the last cookout of the season. Give your burgers or hot dogs an Indian twist with two flavors of chutney also available by the mustard. If you need a side or snack for the weekend, be sure to check out the deli! There you will find familiar favorites like Kazmaier’s homemade potato salad and Tiger Bakery fatoosh. There are also selections of Kazmaier’s own cheese balls and other dips that go well as appetizers at any party.


Two great meat markets to pick up your grilling needs.  Plus check out their chicken burgers. We know, there is something about a juice hamburger. But try these chicken burgers on your grill.  You won’t be disappointed.

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Another amazing market that dots the area landscape. Known for produce it is actually so much more. Pretty reasonable deli, wine and beer section, plus breads and other  hidden goodies throughout these open aired markets. This is the place to build the perfect salad or just stock up on your smoothie ingredients.

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