Indoor Fun: Arts, Crafts, Libraries and Museums Edition

Local Museums and Craft Places Take the Chill off Winter


“In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy”

William Blake

Chilly weather and long nights creates an instant and visceral reaction. Many of us begin a 5 month gripe session that will only be relieved by shirt sleeves and shorts. Others decide on finally binge watching Game of Thrones (Winter is, after all, Coming…).

It doesn’t have to be that way. Our local attractions and businesses offer so many other ways to spend our winter time. From interesting and entertaining programing at our museums and libraries to arts and crafts with a bottle of wine, there is no reason to hibernate. Our region has as much cold weather as it does warm and likes rabbits in the briar patch, we know how to use it.

For updated information of ongoing and pop up events and entertainment check our Mega Calendar. For programing details don’t hesitate to call the venue or business. They LOVE to keep their customers informed. See you around town!

Area Attractions and Museums

It seems like a broken record, but we can’t highlight these public institutions enough. They are stocked full of programing and winter activities, much of it free or low cost, and offer respite from the dark and dreary weather.

Toledo Museum of Art: Programing, displays, classes, demonstrations, movies, kids activities…the list is way too long to enumerate. Plus, you will see them appear in our calendar for wine tastings and music entertainment. They are one of the few first class museums in the world that is FREE to walk in the door.

Libraries: Books themselves are a great way to pass a long night or dreary day. But our libraries offer up so much more. You can check out movies, TV series, activities, and in many branches, baking pans. Plus there are a plethora of books to get you into a hobby. And if that isn’t enough, book clubs, activity groups, movie nights and learning classes all dot their vibrant community calendars. Start at each main website then seek out your branch.

Toledo Lucas County Library
Way Public Library
Wood County Library
Monroe County Library
Ottawa County Library
Sandusky County Library

Imagination Station: This probably remains the quintessential “let’s get these kids out of the house” activity. Dozens of activities plus special exhibits are always available with a STEM learning emphasis.

Toledo Zoo and Aquarium: Sure, walking around the zoo in the cold isn’t any fun. But many of us forget about their amazing activities that are focused indoors. They also offer a variety of cold weather activities (including a surprising number of winter 5K’s for the runner/walker) along with winter camps. They have their aviary, aquarium and recently opened museum. All great ways to get out of the house and into nature…at least nature inside.

Getting Artsy and Crafty

It is one of the easiest ways to pass the time indoors. The area has some amazing stores to not only get you started but to reinvigorate your enjoyment of DIY arts and crafts. Classes, kits, and supplies abound in these businesses. Most importantly, go ahead and ask for help. If there is one thing that hobbyists have in common is that they love sharing their hobby.

WoodCraft, Toledo: One of the cooler places to investigate working in wood. Classes, projects and of course supplies and tools abound at the local owned and managed franchise. If you have ever wanted to even try making something cool in wood, stop by for a visit.

Art Supply Depot: With locations in Toledo and Bowling Green, this is a great way to bring out the budding artist in all of us. Classes and supplies are available.

Ben’s: Located in the heart of downtown BG, Ben’s is basically a catchall when it comes to crafting and indoor activities. From simple paint by numbers to art supplies, Ben’s can provide indoor activities for all ages and skill levels. It is the smallest “megastore” you will ever come across. It has way cooler stuff to explore than a dollar store and tons more charm. Also, try the fudge….

The Door Mouse: This is the quilter’s Mecca. Period. It is a bit of a drive but who cares. This is where serious quilters go and shop. 

The Quilt Foundry: Another great shop with both supplies and classes. What makes this venue so charming is its location. Located in a great old building right in Uptown Maumee.

Uncork the Artist: Located in Perrysburg this is a venue that…well the name says it all. A relaxing way of experiencing art with friends or making new friends. Classes cover a wide range of projects and the whole activity is wrapped in a cloak of casual fun. 

You Can Be an Artist: Located in Downtown Maumee, this sip and paint concept has both public classes and fundraiser classes, many of which are open to the public. They offer step by step instructions across a wide variety of projects. 

Create Art Studio and Workshop: After a recent move and re-opening, the instructors at Create are back in business dead center of the Historic District of Perrysburg. This studio has a variety of classes for all ages…and by all we mean starting in pre-school. From introductory projects to classes and instruction focused on the serious practitioner, Create offers the entire spectrum of arts instruction…with a great dose of fun thrown in.

Copper Moon Studio: This may be the perfect blend of local craftsmanship and art for sale and instructional studio. It really is a cool place to shop. However, if the items available stir the artisan in you then check out their class schedules for fused glass and cut and layer projects. Copper Moon artists offer popular seasonal offerings and a wide variety of other projects to explore. Plus the holidays are right around the corner and you are sure to find a gift for a friend…or better yet, make one.

Bonita Beading Boutique: This lovely and charming store has some amazing jewelry…so let’s begin with that. More importantly they will teach you how to become your own jeweler or make amazing things to wear and gift. Beads, along with wire wrapping, are the easiest and most creative way of setting your own style. Located in the heart of the Historic Perrysburg.

Peace, Love and Pottery: First, we love the name. We can all use more peace and love, whether it is connected to pottery or not. However, PLP is a great place to explore creative pottery painting. They do take walk-ins but also have classes for a variety of projects and needs that will appeal across ages. This is a cool place to explore plus soak up a dose of positivity.