Shoppers on Site: Warm Weather Healthy Edition!

Local Stores Offer Healthy Choices for a Fit and Fun Summer

Sautter's carries a pretty good selection of prepared produce, cutting down on prep time
By Candace Byington and Nida Ammar

Summer foods are right around the corner. And sure, we want to indulge in nothing but funnel cakes and chili dogs. However, anyone who is in the know about summer understands that pacing is everything. To go hog wild at…well…a hog roast we also have to watch our intake the rest of the time. Fortunately, our area is awash in great stores to help you choose and stay healthy. Plus, if you are choosing a “cleaner” lifestyle with an eye toward simple and responsible, these same markets have offerings that are sure to help you cast an eye at basic lifestyle adjustments. So, whether you are trying to stay on track or beginning a journey of making healthier choices, local retailers have you covered. This week we look at Claudia’s, Phoenix, Sautter’s In WatervilleWalt Churchills Market and end with regional market Fresh Thyme.

Health Foods by Claudia

Why have I never been into this shop before? And how come I never knew that sugar-cane pop existed? I had stopped drinking pop years ago, but the one I found at Claudia’s had a sweet taste and no after taste! Walking in, I realized there is more to that “healthy food” than just quinoa and oats! I was amazed that they had free-range chicken available, I bet that tastes very good!

I liked that they had a variety of meat jerkies to choose from (Bison and Salmon! What??) But I liked it more that they have vegan jerkies! Yes, vegan jerkies! And honestly, this was the only time I ever saw actual fish oil that is filled in a bottle and not in capsules. Oh, and, if you love the environment, maybe you should try buying your bath tissues here, they are recycled! Also, if you are the DIY type of person for your deodorants and lip balms, stop here! Not only they have all kinds of natural ingredients, but also they have all the containers you will need! Enjoy!

Phoenix Earth Food Cooperative

If you are into healthier food options, you must stop by Phoenix Earth on W Sylvania Ave. Not only they have a huge variety, but also have options for everyone! Vegans & vegetarians are in for a selection of non-dairy, all-vegetarian alternatives, and those who eat meat can find several items that make your mouth water just by looking at them.

Among the products that caught my eyes were duck eggs, goat yogurt, all-veggie breakfast sausage, rice chips, all-natural juices, and even non-egg mayo. And this is not just about food, my dear friends! You can also stock up on natural soaps, natural clothes and dish detergents, natural lip balms and deodorants and a selection of natural proteins!

The atmosphere is friendly, the staff are willing to answer any questions you may have and all their fresh fruits & vegetables are grown locally! Can you shop local?

Sautter’s in Waterville

Worth mentioning is Sautter’s in Waterville. It is a good one stop for organic or gluten free products on the go. Upon arrival you will find a planters full of fresh herbs and hanging baskets. In the baking aisle you will find the largest assortment of organic and gluten free products in the store, ranging from pancake mix to flour. Pasta lovers will find several varieties of noodles and locally produced all natural sauces. Organic juices, frozen plant based meat substitutes and fresh fruits and vegetables can also be found. Best of all the store features locally grown fresh produce. You will find same great choices at their second location in Downtown Sylvania.

Walt Churchill’s Market, Perrysburg

Walt Churchill’s Market in Perrysburg is an excellent one stop for healthy and “green” products. Organic produce is in abundance in the produce aisle. If you need gluten free pasta or baking ingredients the market offers a vast assortment of brands-including locally  produced gluten free pasta sauces. If you want to keep your living space clean without toxins the market offers a few varieties of “green” products. Vegan friendly cheese products and cow milk alternatives found in various brands and flavors. In the personal care aisle you will find Burt’s Bees products, aromatherapy bath salts and essential oils for at home remedies. Best of all the market is committed to reducing waste from plastic shopping bags; when you  bring your own shopping bags, you save five cents. Don’t forget their second location in Maumee on Briarfield.

Fresh Thyme

Big, regional, healthy and nice! I was impressed that Fresh Thyme have their own store brand for everything, food, personal care and cleaning products! I loved that I found natural nutrition bars for children! And I lost count of the nut butters they had: peanut, cashew, sunflower, hazelnut…I really lost count! Lurking in their freezers, I also found natural popsicles! Every mother’s dream (because we don’t have time to make these at home in between tantrums and meltdowns!) But if have an itch for a smoothie, they can cover any kind of fruit blend you might think of!

Long story short, if you love meat, if you are vegetarian, if you love natural cleaning products and if you like to care for your body with natural products then Fresh Thyme Market is where you should go!