S.O.S. {Shoppers On Site}, Snacks Edition, 9/30/16


By Candace Byington and Chris Watson

We tackle game day snacking and tailgating this week with a look at Walt Churchill’s Market, Fresh Market, The Anderson’s and Sautter’s Market.  All of these stores bring to us interesting and tasty snacks both fresh from their kitchens and regionally produced. Plus, for the conscious snacker there are many non GMO, vegan, non antibiotic, and healthy snack alternatives.  So stock up and snack away at this weekend’s games!

Walt Churchill’s Market

Tailgating can be an opportunity to try something new or take an old favorite snack and give it a refreshing twist. If you and a partner are seek the unusual for the tailgate or just want new snacks, Walt Churchill’s market has a variety of chips and dip for your curious appetite. Traditional cocktail weenies can be found in two flavors. These can be enjoyed on their own or slow-cooked in barbecue sauce. WCM features two Toledo brands Black Swamp Gourmet and We Be Ribs. Burnt out on plain corn chips? You will find Halloween colored corn chips, sea salt lime, blue corn and sriracha flavors along side traditional plain. Try these chips with spicy bean dip or a variety of Italian pestos made from basil, kale, spinach and arugula. WCM offers eight inch pizzas and twelve inch subs which are ideal for sharing on game day. You may enjoy grilling WCM’s own deli dogs and chicken cordon bleu sausages. If you crave a cheese snack you will find three varieties all cubed and ready to be served in tiny single serve bags.

Fresh Market

There are always good things to say about Fresh Market but one of the best is in the bulk isle.  Some of the most unique and off the beaten path snacks and flavored nuts are available to us in any quantity we care to purchase.  Plus Fresh Market has an insane selection of cocktail mixes.

The Anderson’s

Tailgating season conjures images of cheese and meat trays for twenty, vats of guacamole, boxes of greasy extra large pizza, pounds of chicken wings and deli subs that stretch into the next zip code. If you are living single or in a pair this scenario is overwhelming if you simply want tailgating snacks for one or two. Fortunately the Anderson’s in Maumee has 12 piece chicken wings already prepared, eight inch veggie pizzas and flat bread pizza for two. Three types of deli subs are available in single serve size. Their own dip like garlic feta, black bean salsa and Mexicali can be purchased in small containers for one or two. Their popular guacamole comes in this small size and single serve. If you and a partner are looking for alternatives to plain potato and corn chips the Anderson’s has many varieties including I sweet potato, carrot, and pumpkin pie flavored chips. Pita chips come on a variety of flavors and package sizes that are ideal for one or two. You can also find a variety of pretzel twists and chocolate or yogurt covered pretzels in resealable containers for snacking at any time. Other unique snack items include three flavored of cheese bread that can be enjoyed as a single or in a pair, sliced mozzarella, and tiny packages of sausage and cheeses. Each of these provides enough without the excess of a meat and cheese tray. Mediterranean fans will enjoy the olive bar and prepackaged variety of grape leaves, tabouli and hummus.


Sautter’s may have the best chip selection in town.  Right off the bat they have old school Charlie’s Chips in a can, which is perfect for tailgating.  They also cary a respectable selection of locally produced cheese and have an excellent variety of in house dips, cheeseballs, and spreads.