S.O.S. {Shoppers on Site} 7/29/16 Something Old and Something New Edition


This week we look at an old favorite, San Marcos, a Hispanic market and restaraunts on Broadway.  Like so many of the areas great ethnic markets, San Marcos is a maze of familiar and baffling, which is why we enjoy it so much.  We also take a peak at two relative newcomers to the market scene in Toledo.  First, Market on the Green, uptown’s newest edition.  We round up this S.O.S. with Fresh Thyme on Monroe.

San Marcos

There is always too much to cover anytime we peek at an ethnic market.  However, some of the things we love, besides a great selection of Hispanic staples, specialty products, and dry goods, are the colorful sodas and frozen treats that are a mainstay of this style of market.

Market on the Green

When Pro Medica opened Market on the Green everyone cheered.  A healthy, organic and local full service market located in what many consider a “food dessert.”  It certainly is stocked well, placing a small but broad product market right in the heart of uptown.  There are lots of organic products, of course, but the real charm is the focus on regionally produced products.  Plus the side courtyard and a grab and go selection that is worth grabbing, going, and ultimately eating.

Fresh Thyme

Yes, it is a national chain.  However, like Fresh Market, as chains go Fresh Thyme feels different.  And it isn’t small.  The store boasts a large selection of fresh, organic, non GMO, and gluten free products.  It has an incredible bulk section, including dry goods that for our size household often seem like an investment because of their size.  Plus an interesting health and beauty area.  Well worth a walk through and will be joining the S.O.S lexicon.