Local Food and Produce Market Guide

Charming Food and Produce Markets, Butchers, Fishmongers, Bakeries and Spirit Vendors Dot the Local Landscape

Local Food and Produce Market Guide

In an age of mega marts, online grocery pickup, and even delivering drones, food and produce markets are a rapidly dwindling footprint. Finding specialty ethnic items, asking a butcher to cut a protein for a new dish, even the simple joy of discovering something new to try in the kitchen has become a desire that smacks of the phrase “bygone days”.

Not so here on the western side of Lake Erie. Our region is replete with small groceries, ethnic markets, produce markets, butchers, fishmongers, plus wine and spirit purveyors. Frankly, there are bigger cities and regions that are envious of our local foodie landscape.

Below is our local food and produce market guide. Showcasing all of the great food-focused markets that “pepper” our neighborhoods. Not only can you find some amazing things at these local establishments. Shopping there also supports the local economy. A true win win. Take some time and check out all the local great shops our area has to offer. Happy shopping!


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