Coffee Culture: Local Coffee Shops

Local Coffee Shops Serve as Charming Neighborhood Hubs

local coffee houses

Every morning I long to hold you…I need you, I want you, I have to have you…your warmth, your smell, your taste…ohhh coffee, I love you.

There are areas of the country that are known for coffee and coffee roasters; or at least known for the start of mega chains that serve coffee. However, for those truly in the know, these drive-through, fast food replicas are no longer coffee houses. Coffee houses, true coffee houses, are the purview of local business.

The other less known fact is that coffee houses aren’t really about coffee…or tea…or latte’s…or avocado toast. Sure, many sell espresso drinks and have amazing teas, drinks, and even light lunches. However, the true pulse of a coffee shop is atmosphere. True local coffee shops are about people, not product.

Below is a list of the area’s local coffee shops. The group is extensive and each one is unique and worth exploring. Every one of these amazing local businesses will serve you a cup of whatever will make your day. More importantly, they will brighten your day. That alone is worth a visit.