S.O.S. {Shoppers on Site} Independence Day Edition

Our regular feature highlighting local markets and services that cater to our sized households.

Our shoppers tried to stick with the general theme of the weekend, Walt Churchill’s MarketFresh Market, Monnettes, and The Anderson’s Market.

Walt Churchill’s Market

What is not to love about WCM.  They have a great bakery, some really unique salads at there deli, an excellent meat counter, and more condiments, sauces, rubs, and all things BBQ than you can shake your fire poking stick at.  Plus their in house make smokehouse items.


Fresh Market

Shrimp, seafood salads, regular salads,  snack mix for travel and outdoor playing and environmentally friendly charcoal.  We love Fresh Market


The next best thing to a farmers market, Monnettes is more than just a produce market, although they do pretty well at that.  Check out the deli salads and meat counter.

The Anderson’s

Everyones go to for holiday treats and with good reason.  Lots of locations, lots of selection, plus outdoor stuff located opposite the food area.