S.O.S. {Shoppers on Site}, 8/18/2016


By Candace Byington and Chris Watson

We add a new place to visit this week (although very familiar to those who live in Perrysburg), Kazmaier’s.  We add The Anderson’s, Walt Churchill’s Market, and another recent edition Fresh Thyme. Truth be told we have so many great markets we are going to need two columns.  Check out all the great locally sourced products plus all of our markets are bursting with home grown produce!


This week at Kazmaier’s you can enjoy specials to enhance your stir fry or cook out while supporting local farmers and distributors. Start your dinner with a healthy salad garnished with Michigan blueberries and poppy seed dressing from Grumpy’s. If you want to make stir fry and have little time to cut vegetables, Kazmaier’s offers a variety of freshly cut stir fry packs that contain green beans, mushrooms or butternut squash. Celebrate Perrysburg’s 200th anniversary with local wine bottled for the bicentennial. Ohio and Michigan meats are on special this week. If you’re vegan you will find a variety of brands of almond and soy milk as well as non-dairy cheese. Meat enthusiasts will enjoy Miller’s Amish chicken and Kazmaier’s own unique cherry brats are available. Kielbasa and other sausage favorites are marked down as well. Want noodles? Kazmaier’s carries uniquely flavored noodles including Michigan’s own Al Dente Pasta. Ohio’s classic Amish Essenhaus noodles are on sale this week. Ice Cream lovers will cheer for more with several local brands being on sale this week too all available in extraordinary flavors.

The Anderson’s

Autumn is upon us as noted by late summer flowers being on special at the local markets. Grace your table or living space with sunflowers and mums from the Anderson’s in Maumee and check out this week’s other great specials. Start breakfast in a new way with ginger preserves or Ohio made raspberry jalapeño jelly. Avacados are great in dips, as garnishes for Mexican dishes or on their own. This week the buttery green fruit is on special along with pickling cucumbers. Need a healthy snack? Try organic rainbow carrots in shades of yellow, orange and purple. Local Greek feta dressing may pair well with these garden specials; it too is on sale this week. Favorite dips get a new twist with Michigan cherry salsa. Potato fans may enjoy specials on fingerlings and yukons. Cheese lovers will be happy to find a variety of traditional favorites and unusual flavors like blueberry or chai on special in block or sliced form. Going to a late summer barbecue or grilling out? Andersons has an assortment of hotdogs and knackworst from Michigan distributor Winters. Balance your cook out with some homegrown sweet corn, also on special. Seafood enthusiasts can catch a deal this week as lobster tails are 2 for 12.00. Finally treat yourself to a sundae with the hot fudge specials.

Walt Churchill’s Market

It is always a pleasure to walk through a market that represents the essence of Americana. Mood drop grapes, cherry tomato medleys, lemon ricotta cookies, fresh and flakey hake….on and on.  For a small market this place is worth spending time in and just exploring.  Plus, a great deli and kitchen making some excellent take home dinners for those nights when it is too hot to cook.

Fresh Thyme

Everyone in town is still exploring this massive homage to the specialty market.  First, we LOVE their bulk department, including the ability to buy oils, honey, and maple syrup in quantities that make sense for our household.  Plus a pretty good in house kitchen and meat counter and for a national chain they even try to locally source.  Worth an hour or an afternoon to walk around!