S.O.S. {Shoppers on Site} 5/20

Our regular feature highlighting local markets and services that cater to our sized households.

It was a great roundup week for our shoppers.  We highlight a specialty market, Asian Grocery on McCord St, along with Sautter’s Market in Sylvania, Fresh Market, and Monnette’s on Reynolds.

Asian Grocery 

This place is completely misnamed.  It should be Asian-African-Jamaican-Indian Grocery.  Located at 1801 McCord in Toledo this small market packs an intense variety of international foods.  And not just sauces and canned goods but staples like flours, mixes, pastes, and other favorites.  This store is more of a pilgrimage than a shopping trip.

Sautter’s Market

Sautter’s never fails to disappoint.  One of the under rated things about this full service local market is its wine department.  Not pretty, not pretentious, and that is why it is so good.  Low pressure shopping played out by country.  Always drop by the bakery.  It seems a never ending parade of new and interesting treats.

The Fresh Market

The Fresh Market is always worth walking through.  The French beans are a great product.  And for some reason we felt the need to highlight the colorful taffy as well.

Monnette’s (on Reynolds)

We so often think of Monnette’s as a great deli, plus a fruit and vegetable market.  We forgot that they also are a respectable provider of our spring plant needs.  Plus some great finds this week including long beans and Ya pears.  We are not sure what Ya pears are but they looked cool.