News and Updates, May 2016


Here is a sure fire way to know you are starting to have an impact.  People take time out of there day to be critical.   Not critical so much as to disagree with something you said. This came into play recently when we suggested in a recipe that if you didn’t want to use a whole can of beans just toss the part you didn’t use.  A person was upset at the suggestion to “throw something away” and said she would freeze the rest.  We agree.  Wast shouldn’t be the norm for those of us living solo or in pairs.

Here is the salient point.  People are reading and commenting on what we are writing.  AND they are responding with suggestions.

You can as well.  Is there a topic you would like us to add?  Something you would like us to attempt on a “right sized” scale?  We will try it and write it up!  Plus, if you have tried something we have suggested and found success (or failure), let us know.  This is a community and we want input.  Which leads us to….

Toledo Area Festival Information (TAFI)

We continue to look and register outdoor festivals in our area.  You can link here for a registration form.  Our festival guide should be live in a couple of weeks and we will add and grow it as people submit information.  The basic skinny is this.  Each week will will post  what is happening that week.  Plus we will have a search ability to look for future festivals.  As we evolve the process we will begin to tag festivals (outdoor, swap meet, beer sales, gaming, rides, art, arts and crafts, Catholic, Methodist, ethnic, city and municipal) that will allow our users to search for a specific festival as well.  We will also look for ways to search by area of the city.  The goal is to keep the entire information mobile and tablet friendly.


We are actively seeking submissions in the areas of lifestyle, cooking, and area events that are of interest to our members.  You can find our submission guidelines here.

We are also seeking one or two shoppers for our S.O.S. {Shoppers on Site} feature.  Contact us for details on how to become one of our shoppers


We definitely have had growth.  We have cleaned up the site and started to give it a more coherent graphical look.  We will continue to do so over the next few months.  We have added a new monthly feature, Two for Two which we will grow over the next few publication cycles.  This is an exciting idea for the smaller household, allowing one ingredient (like pasta) to spread out to two unique meals.

If you are the initiator of a project nothing ever happens fast enough.  We have been in full swing for about 5 months and we are seeing some genuine interest.  What we need now is help in spreading the word.  Social media, friends , other publications, and even simple suggestions on what you would like to see us write about will engender the one thing we are trying to create:  community.

Chris Watson, Publisher

Right Size Publishing, LTD