S.O.S. {Shoppers on Site}, Spring Snack Edition

Sautter's salads are top notch...like blue cheese cole slaw...

By Chris Watson

Who doesn’t like a little picnic?  This week we think about eating outdoors…in a park, on a walk, along the river, or just on our own porch or balcony. Snacking on a spring day is restorative and, thanks to some of our great local markets, tastey.  It also smacks of old world Europe as we take a few treats and a fancy soda or bottle of wine out on an afternoon holiday.  As we approach the official kick off to summer and the first big holiday weekend, why not ease into the frenzy of summer with something enjoyable to sip and a treat that is international in flavor, local in presentation.  This week we visited Sofo’s, Sautter’s in Sylvania, and Walt Churchill’s Market in Perrysburg.  Honorable mentions include Walt Churchill’s Briarfield, all three Monettes, and of course Tiger Bakery, Muna Market, and Middle East Market.  Any of these places will provide the vittles necessary to sooth both an appetite or a restless soul.


Toledo’s premier Italian market is a playground of fancy picnic offerings.  An excellent deli, salad area, bakery, and wine selection plus the best olive bar in town.


In some respects Sautter’s should be defined as an “engine” as in the little engine that could.  This market may have the best selection of snack chips and small batch sodas anywhere, all hidden inside of what many consider a traditional small grocery.  Plus their deli is top of the line.

Walt Churchill’s Market

WCM always delivers.  If you are looking for a quiet evening with some snacks around a fire or a sandwich to go for a hike in a Metropark, or anything in between, WCM is worth a visit.