S.O.S. {Shoppers On Site}, Size Friendly Edition, 10/14/2016


This week we list, in detail, local markets that are friendly to the smaller household with links.  Although some of these markets have a national footprint, many are local and merit our support and patronage.  If you have a favorite place that will cater to your needs let us know and we will add it to the list!

Walt Churchill’s Market

With two locations (Maumee and Perrysburg), WCM may be the king (or general if we are being historical) of catering to the smaller household.  The one in Briarfield in particular may be the model for a small Americana market.  The one in Perrysburg, although closer to a traditional market, still pivots solidly to our size household.  From deli to bakery to meat counter to standard staples, WCM is small household dream. Plus you never know what interesting, foodie driven items you are going to find.
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Sautter’s Market

Like WCM, Sautter’s is an old fashion, limited aisle grocery with two locations in Sylvania and Waterville. A strong across the board grocery with a good deli, bakery, and general grocery isle.  Although they don’t have a service meat counter that doesn’t mean they won’t cater to your butching needs.  Just ask and their meet cutters are more than happy to help.

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They do two things very, very well:  produce and deli.  Yes, Monnettes now carries some meats and has always carried other items (recently they have strengthened their wine and craft beer selection) but they definitely stick to their core strengths.  Most of their vegetables and fruits are loose.  You can get one zucchini or potato to go with your quarter pound of deli ham.  They also are one of the leading carriers of local and regional products. Locations on Secor, Glendale, and Reynolds.

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The Anderson’s

For such a big store The Anderson’s certainly has its smaller household moments.  It has an excellent produce sections, cheese shop, fish store, deli and bakery.  Plus it has House of Meats which is an excellent meat counter.  If Anderson’s has a draw back it is that it feels big.  With the recent loss of its Sylvania market location, The Anderson’s maintains its large, warehouse ambiance.  Don’t let that fool you, however. They are a big supporter or local and regional and their service counter staff is excellent.

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Yes, traditionally identified as an Italian market but do not be deceived; Sofo’s is a solid all around market as well.  Besides its excellent deli Sofo’s has a respectable meat counter, a good solid dry good selection, and a fabulous bakery.  Add to that its olive and deli salad area plus an interesting wine selection. Located on Monroe Street.

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Fresh Thyme

The new kid in the area, Fresh Thyme is a great store all around but a special mention must be made to its bulk section.  Not just bulk cereals and nuts but bulk flours, dried fruits, rice, oils, vintagers, syrups, and honey.  This is by far and away the best place in town to buy what we need for recipes when it comes to staples.  Located on Monroe Street.

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Fresh Market

Another national store that deserves mention.  Their service counters are almost too helpful and their selection is excellent.  Also a respectable bulk section.  If there is a drawback it is price.  Although Fresh Market does run special, it falls into that national trend vetting by price.  Still, it is very small household friendly.  Located on Central and Secor.

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Market on the Green

Relatively new and still small, Market on the Green is the first genuine downtown market.  They have just enough of everything to make for an easy and quick shopping trip.  Plus they are a big supporter of local and regionally produced products.  Whether you live downtown or work there stop by and support the exciting new downtown initiative. Located downtown on Madison Ave.

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Mostly a meat market but a really good one.  Their chicken burgers are particularly good.  Plus they will accommodate just about any size meat needs you have. Now with two locations, one on Sylvania and one on Heatherdowns.

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House of Meats

Besides being located in The Anderson’s HOM has several other locations. They are a straight forward, old fashioned, butcher shop.  Plus they have locations all over town.  They are a quick stop and, if you like freezing things, are more than happy to break your purchase up into appropriate freezer packs for our household size.


Located in the heart of Perrysburg this a straight up small grocery.  Nothing fancy and nothing overstocked.  Just a quick, walk through grocery.  Perfect for our size households.

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Bassett’s Heath Foods

Although mostly known for its approach to healthy and wholistic living, we shouldn’t discount Bassett’s as source for staples.  They have a good bulk selection including a bulk selection of spices.  With locations on Secor and Heatherdowns they are worth a walk through.  If you are visiting Zavotski’s on Heatherdowns they are in the same plaza.

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