S.O.S. {Shoppers On Site}, Pasta Edition, 10/28/16


By Candace Byington and Chris Watson

There are always lots of places to buy pasta.  We found four local markets that not only have great conventional pasta but also have a wide selection of pasta alternatives and pasta embellishments.  This week we look at the undisputed champion of all things pasta, Sofos.  Plus Walt Churchill’s Market, The Anderson’s, and Sautter’s


Sofo’s simply can not be beat when it comes to shapes, sizes, and brands of pasta.  However, hidden amongst the olives, Italian meats, and plethora of pasta shapes are jars and cans of deliciousness that simply can not be found anywhere else in town.  As always, we just love Sofo’s.

Walt Churchill’s Market

At both locations WCM has a great selection of alternative, unique, and regular pasta both mainstream and small company produced.   Plus all their other great stuff and WCM is one of our favorite Market Americana’s.

The Anderson’s

The Anderson’s has an average selection of pastas abut it is all the other stuff that we like.  A wine section that is one of the better in town, excellent produce, regionally produced sauces, plus a bakery that always carries something to shove the past onto your fork and soak up the sauce afterwards.  Plus MacQueens cider is in abundance.


One wouldn’t necessarily expect to find a good selection of alternative pasta at Sautter’s but you can.  Beside the convienence of both locations (Waterville and Downtown Sylvania) and the fact that you can do so much other shopping while looking for pasta, Sautter’s has a solid selection of pasta products from conventional to exotic.