S.O.S. {Shoppers on Site} Meat Market Edition 6/10

Our regular feature highlighting local markets and services that cater to our sized households.

Given all the talk we have been hearing about grilling, BBQ, and summer parties we thought it was time to highlight a few of the areas great meat markets.  We are very blessed to have so many genuine, knowledgable, and above all, friendly butcher shops in our area.  Here is a basic round up…

Zavotski Custom Meats & Deli

2600 W. Sylvania #101

4400 Heatherdowns.

Toledo, OH

Open since 2007 Savotski is an old fashioned, over the counter butcher shop and deli with a wide variety of service and a good selection of Polish specialty items.  Check out their new location on Heatherdowns and look closely at the chicken burgers……

Stanleys Market

3302 Stickney Ave

Toledo, OH

No meat market round up could be complete without mentioning Stanleys.  Yes, area mega marts are now selling their kielbasa but it isn’t the same as going there.  Plus there is a lot more to Stanleys than their basic sausage.  Worth a visit!

House of Meats

Too many locations to list but they include Holland-Sylvania, Alexis Rd, Glendale Rd, Starr Ave, Point Place, Rossford and all Anderson’s locations.  This is certainly one of the areas largest supplier.  We are particularly fond of the stand alone locations.

Rohr’s Fish Market

5226 Monroe St.

Toledo, OH

One of the area’s oldest and most reliable fish mongers, if you want to grill fish this is a good place to start asking for help.

Milo’s Meat Market

4508 Lewis Ave

Toledo, OH

A genuine, meat having in a cooler, meat market.  Known for custom cutting steaks.  Plus local pies and other favorites.  This butcher is the real deal.

Walt Churchill’s Markets

Perrysburg and Maumee

Not strictly a meat market but it bears mentioning.  First, they have excellent fish.  Like Rohr’s they may not have a huge selection but the fish they have is always high quality.  They have a friendly and knowledgable meat counter staff.  Plus, you know, they are excellent markets in general.

Takacs Grocery and Meats

1956 Gennesee

Toledo, OH

A 3rd generation butcher and grocery store located in Toledo’s historic Birmingham district, they are known, among other things, for processing the fruits (or meats, as it were) from your successful hunting season along with many Hungarian specialties.

Kilgus Meats

3346 Laskey Rd

Toledo, OH

Billed as an “old world style” full service meat market they specialize in kielbasa and sausages.