S.O.S. {Shoppers on Site} 6/24

Our regular feature highlighting local markets and services that cater to our sized households.

A solid round up of our area’s great independent and specialty markets this week.  We visited Sofo’s, Monnettes (Glendale), Fresh Market, and Sautter’s.  Here is what we found….


Sofo’s is always worth a walk through.  This week we noticed some new wines, new sodas, and a really good deal on two of our favorite deli meats.


We love Monnette’s…all of them.  And the more traffic we can drive to the one on Glendale the better.  They have struggled to rise above the road maintenance that has trapped them.  This week in particular brought us some good stir fry possibilities plus we highlight two of our favorite salads.


Fresh Market

Fresh Market never disappoints.  Again we found a great deli salad, ruby red shrimp (again good for stir fry), fresh flowers, and some amazing fruit choices.


Never one to lag behind in quality, at Sautter’s we found something called a “pull” in the bakery, some regional cheese and mustard, and salmon bacon.