S.O.S. {Shoppers on Site} 4/22

Our regular feature highlighting local markets and services that cater to our sized households.

Some really interesting things in our local markets this week along with the beginning of some seasonal pickings.  Our shoppers seemed to be enamored with cheeses this week.  When you see what they found you will know why.  We visited Sofo’s Market, The Anderson’s (Maumee), Fresh Market, and Monnette’s (Secor)

Sofo’s Market

Always good pickings from our iconic Italian market.  Two particular highlights have to be the large variety of size and shapes available for pizza dough and something that is often overlooked at Sofo’s, a respectable wine selection.

The Anderson’s

Kringles, fresh green beans, garlic sauce, and potatoes goat cheese.  But hey, that is The Anderson’s!

Fresh Market

Best fish finds of the week plus a whole plethora of other good eats at Fresh Market.  We can not recommend the cold smoked salmon highly enough!


Two for a dollar eggs and strawberry shortcake mousse.  We are not sure if there is a theme but at Monnette’s who cares.  They are always worth walking through.