S.O.S. {Shoppers on Site} 4/1

BEST citrus this week! Amazing Mandarins at Fresh Market

We refuse to use a joke about “no fooling, these are good deals this week!” or other…well…foolery.  We did find some remarkable value and quality at the right size in this week’s market shops.  We looked at Walt Churchill’s Market (Perrysburg), Monnette’s (Secor), The Anderson’s, and The Fresh Market.

Walt Churchill’s Market

Beef Tallow?  Granola made in Perrysburg?  Veal Chops?  Daikon Radishes?  All found at WCM.  Some great deals at WCM as well.  Between the radishes and peppers salad is in the air.

Monnette’s (Secor)

Great finds this week at Monnette’s.  The biggest shout out has to go to Boar’s Head deli meats.  Their quality is excellent and this week Monnette’s is featuring the “basic” variety such as chicken, turkey, and ham.  These products look and taste like what they say they are, rather than rolled, pressed imitations.  Also, small cans of pizza sauce are perfect for stove top pizza.

The Anderson’s

Amazing finds at The Anderson’s.  Check out the expanded selection of oysters.  The corn looked good if you can’t wait for the real thing here in Ohio.  And we are always fond of Napa Cabbage and Bok Choy but it is usually too big for our households.  Right Size qualities are available this week at The Anderson’s

The Fresh Market

The best fish of the week comes from Fresh Market.  Check out the shrimp.  Plus celery root that is in a manageable size and we can’t say enough good about the oranges or Tuscan melons.