S.O.S. {Shoppers On Site} 10/21/2016


By Candace Byington and Chris Watson

Our roundup this week of local markets includes the inclusion of Foodtown (the Toledo location), Walt Churchill’s Market, The Anderson’s, and Fresh Market.  In our continuing hunt for products and services that are “right sized” we find several gems and discover a new service and WCM!


For those of us who have been around a while we remember Foodtown as a beloved regional store that in many respects dominated the grocery landscape.  Now, with two stores (one in Toledo on Central and one in Lambertville, MI) Foodtown joins the pantheon of manageable, solid grocers that are local and accessible.  Here at RSL we have neglected them for too long.  There is nothing fancy about these two stores.  They are solid providers of groceries, dry goods, staples, produce, and meat.  They are definitely worth our attention and patronage.

Walt Churchill’s Market

Single serve snacks and meals are abundant at Walt Churchill’s Market in Maumee. You can choose from sliced cantaloupe, veggie or fruit pizza, packaged cheese and fruit, or smoothies. There are four varieties of single serve cheese chunks. They have a new salad bar that features lake, spinach, romaine, iceberg, spring mix and many fresh toppings including grilled chicken and pasta salad. There are three types of boxes for the salads: small single serve size, one large, and one with three compartments. You have many options depending on your appetite. The market also has a soup area and single serve meals including sushi. Microwavable Indian food in single serve packages are available. If you are looking for breakfast there are single serve waffles. Visit the bakery for cookies packaged for two people and a wide assortment of single serve cheesecakes in chocolate and pumpkin.

The Anderson’s

Meals and snacking can be frustrating if you are on the go and live as a single or in a pair. The Anderson’s in Maumee has many delicious and unique single serve options for you. If you enjoy salads check out the deli where you will find many varieties. You can choose your portion size as well. There is also an olive bar and hot soup bar for a quick snack or light lunch. Solo or paired healthy eaters will find single serve yogurts with fruit and granola as well as cut veggies and ranch dressing. There are calzones for one and southern favorites like ay grautin potatoes and rice and shrimp. If you and your partner do not agree on sauerkraut there is a single serve variety available and it comes in tiny cans. Single serve meals like quiché and shells are easy to find and only need to be microwaved. If you order lighter meals, there are single serve tabouli, lentil salad and grape leaves as well as single serve hummus and pretzels. There are tiny tiny of chocolate covered peanuts and espresso beans portioned to be enjoyed solo or for sharing with another. Other healthy snack or dessert options in the single size variety include dried figs, dried spicy mangoes and apple sauces in fruit flavors.

Fresh Market

There is always lots to gawk at walking around the Fresh Market.  Two selections from the sea looked particularly good this week along with the “fall” salad.  We normally don’t this of Fresh Market as being an ethnic store but they have a good selection of things to try from other countries.