About Our Community

“Toledo is the biggest small town you will ever live in…” This is a phrase often repeated throughout Northwest Ohio and Southeastern Michigan.  True, we do live in a state where, even with our greater area population of 500,000, we rank as the 4th largest city, behind the infamous three “C’s” of Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati.  Add in the fact that we are 45 minutes south of Detroit, 4 hours from the Greater Chicago Area and 4.5 hours from Indianapolis, and the greater Toledo area definitely seems “small”.  Still, for all of its size and charm, Toledo lives in the shadow of giants.

Charm. This is a word that isn’t often used with Toledo Ohio. Thanks in no small part to an unfortunate song made popular by the late singer/songwriter John Denver, Toledo is often discounted as, at best, a way station on the way toward bigger things. It is no wonder, with the giant metro areas clomping all around us, Toledoans feel the weight of insignificance.

We shouldn’t. We have an amazing community absolutely independent of the behemoths creaking around us. Our community has a rich economy, spearheaded by manufacturing and agriculture.  The greater area has two major universities with many private universities educating upwards of 40,000 undergraduate, graduate, and medical students annually. We have grounded cultural, religious and ethnic diversity normally reserved for much larger metropolitan areas, due in no small part to a long history of ethnic immigration to our area.  In other words, we are a BIG city…we just don’t have all of those big city problems.

The Toledo area in general is a colorful quilt of interesting history, landmarks, recreation, shopping, business, education…the list goes on and on.  We often forget, living here, how truly unique and special we are.

RightSizeLife.com is changing that.  With shopping information, local only business directories, business and entrepreneur features, culture and event stories, festival guides, entertainment calendars, and local news, we bring to light what is often hidden by the noise of mass media: the true character of our community.

Join us here at RightSizeLife.com for the latest local information.  We strive to be dynamic, current, and above all relevant to our local communities. Rediscover what many of us have known all along.  We are not “big”, we are not “small.”  We are, like the famous bears of fable, just right.

Chris Watson

Publisher, RightSizeLife.com