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What is Love?

People say love is the most common language, but we all view it differently. How can we communicate if we have not established a base understanding of love?

Love is the foundation to every relationship, however, everyone expresses and understands love in their own way. How you view love, is how you parent, how you treat your spouse, and how you interact with the world. We will explore our five core areas for thriving families: parenting, healthy relationships, culture, mental and financial wellness. After diving into each of these core areas, you will walk away with a better understanding on what love looks like expressed day to day through hundreds of interactions with your family and others.

Matching Peace is a non-profit organization that seeks to improve the overall well being of the family unit through family to family mentoring, coaching, education and lifestyle exposure. At this event, we will use small groups and a lunch discussion to explore what is love to you and understand love’s connection in how we relate to others.


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