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TABC is a great way to search for local businesses in the greater Toledo area. There will never be any national advertising, just great regional small businesses and services joining together to give you a truly local experience you will never forget!

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Welcome to NW Ohio's and SE Michigan's truly local business and service directory. Our directory is set up on an equal basis; all listings carry equal weight in a search (i.e. there are no pay to enhance listings). We also do not accept national listings unless it is a franchise run and controlled by a local operator. Right Size Publishing, LTD is the sole adjudicator on what constitutes an approved listing. In addition: 1. Each location is its own listing. 2. Categories are broad. Tags are specific. It is acceptable to list under multiple categories if the business feels it is appropriate. Each different category constitutes a paid listing 3. PLEASE make full use of tags. Customers tend to search by what they are thinking, not by how things are put in a data base. Example, Food (good)...BBQ (better). Sports (good)...Tennis (better). Feel free to use both "good" and "better" style tags. 4. Tags will be checked for accuracy. Please honestly list the search words you feel best describe your business. If, for example, you are know for great burgers, by all means list that as a tag. If you only ever have one soup on your menu, please don't put "soup" as a tag. The goal is to help our users locate our great local businesses in a fast and accurate manor. 5. Every listing must be approved by RSL. Listings that are paid for online have, in general, a 2 business day turnaround.
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